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The is a free people search online search directory that can help you find out addresses, telephone numbers, and social media contacts of people you’re trying to find. There is ample information available on the website if you know how to get to it. In this review, We’ll talk about what this website is, its features and how you can use it effectively.

The Phonebook of the world has very intricate and “royal” beginnings. It started out as telecom services back in the year 1671 where two entrepreneurs Leon Pajot I and Louis Rouillé created the Royal French postal services for King Louis XIV.

Since then the company has evolved and come a long way, with a long-distance telecom office as well as the first internet café in Paris being established in their old postal building, in 1993. With the passage of time website was also established.

About The PhonebookOfTheWorld

The PhonebookOfTheWorld was created on 25th January 2000. The Phonebook Of The World allows people to search an extensive number of white and yellow pages to find what they’re looking for. You can easily access addresses, contact numbers, and other useful information from anywhere in the world.

It’s particularly useful if you’re in Paris and want to find your way around the city and search for different places to visit. You can carry out your free people search from the very first café in Paris and soak in some of the history associated with it. You may also get information about the various expos happening in Paris and attend one if it seems interesting.

Phonebook of the world has a large database of information which you can use for to search for a friend or a long-lost relative or colleague. You can verify and identify people you may have met at a party or to do a background check on business partners you’re looking to do business with, or to screen a potential new hire at your company. The website helps save people from potentially fraudulent individuals that way.

Landlords may also use this website to check and verify their tenants; this helps assure landlords that their tenants are legitimate and aren’t trying to pull a scam. The website tracks down people by their addresses, helps you with a free phone number lookup and emails as well.

How Do You Use This Website Effectively?

If you need to book a hotel in a certain country for vacations, for instance, this website can be a useful tool to book your stay at a luxurious hotel. It helps you collect all the information you need about the hotels in that particular country. All you need to do is go to the website and click on your country of choice (the destination country) on the homepage. You’ll be redirected to another page which will have the option to choose hotels based on your check in and check out dates.

Apart from the Hotel search, you can even use the other three options for free white pages, yellow pages and even a custom Google search if you’re looking for a person.

Features of The PhonebookOfTheWorld Website

The following features are available on the

  • A country-wise directory that provides access to relevant information that you need. The drop-down list at the very top of the page is classified by country code. Clicking on one of those countries will open up the option to search white pages, hotels, yellow pages and google pages.
  • The home page also features the directory of cities, including information about city codes, their maps as well as a brief history of the city
  • Pop search, hotel and government information is also featured on the home page.

Go ahead and check out the website for yourself, read more on its amazing history and get started with your search.


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