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Are you looking for totally free white pages to search for a telephone number, business or residential address? Are you trying to do a  reverse lookup for a phone number, address or people search and looking for the best online resource to do just that?

Well you have come to the right place. Find below the most comprehensive listing of the best whitepages updated for 2021.

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While the loosening of regulations to print and distribute the white pages residential phone book has made companies like AT&T stopped publishing their directories sometime ago, there is no stopping directories as a new era electronic or internet versions have emerged and are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Do you pay to use White Pages?

First, it is important to note that not all of these new innovative phone book directories and listings fall into the totally free people search sites category. Some like  white pages premium will charge you a fee, some will offer a free trial and others will provide an absolutely free whitepages search & find solution.

Where Do White Pages get their information?

White Pages sites are basically aggregators i.e. they collect and organise information from various sources online.

Some source the information from public records that are released by various government organisations. These are particularly used for providing background information

Some source the information from the free web like social networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, forums, blogs, dating sites etc.

Some source them from the original print versions of white pages phone book or telephone directory from the different states, cities and countries.

As well as voter’s registration, public utilities and state licensing agencies.

What Can Internet White Pages Do Exactly?

All of these white pages basically do the same thing. They provide one of 3 things; white pages people search or finder, which is basically personal details (usually name and last name), white pages addresses as well as white pages phone number lookup. Those focusing on business offer business contact details as well.

There are a number of sites that have extended their offerings to now offer email searches and background checks.

Free White Pages Reverse Lookup

You can also use them to do reverse searching. This is basically using one piece of information to find the other.  For example, if you have only the number and you want to find out who’s been calling you, then use the white pages reverse phone search to find the name and address of the person or if you have a name and  address you can use it to find the phone number of the person.

White Pages People Finders

What is the best white pages people finder? Well we’ve taken the time to review as many as we possible could, tested and below is a list of some of them.

Whitepages.com – this company has become synonymous with online white pages. They are the leading site to offer the most comprehensive database of people’s contact details. You can search for people, reverse phone numbers, reverse address as well as business phone numbers.

They have both free people search white pages and a premium (paid) option. Reports include cell phone numbers, addresses, age, background reports, criminal records, landline numbers, maiden names, email addresses and more.

50States.com – Owned by a company called Digital Properties, LLCThis website was born in 1996 initially as a tool to help school children do their social studies homework. It now offers a search tool to find people by state. The homepage provides the search tool with links to each state where you can do a quick search from there.

Verizon White pages  – Although these come in both print and online the company discourages the print copies and recommends opting out of phone book delivery.

Their online version is found at TheRealYellowpages.com and comes with both Yellow and white pages. You can search for people’s phone numbers or enter their phone number for a reverse search.

TheRealWhitePages – This is a Yellow Pages (YP) offering called the Real White Pages. You can search by name, by address and by phone number. There is a note on the site that states that the information provided is sourced from an unaffiliated third party site called Intelius, which is a people search engine.

Dexknows –  This site is predominantly known for its business listings. When you choose the people search tab the site will pop up a message telling the feature is temporarily unavailable and provides a link to people searching on Yellowpages (already discussed above), which is a sister site, according to the note.

International White pages – If you are looking outside of the U.S. borders then WAYP Internet Group offers a great collection of international whitepages from around the web (World). Simply visit the site and then follow the links to choose a country or location of your choice and you will be sent to a related country white pages.

411  – A website powered by whitepages.com. When using this website you must be aware that it is pretty much similar to being on whitepages.com. Some prefer it maybe because of its more cleaner and simpler look.

Anywho – A YP LLC website, this site is home to some defunct directories like BellSouth Whitepages & AT&T Directory. This is essentially a free services, which you can use to search whitepages by name or number. A reverse search is possible on this site.

Zabasearch – powered by Intelius.com, this section is found deep inside the website and may not be visible from the landing page. The initial results are free, which is what you may need only in any case i.e. name, address and phone number. You can click the links to get a detailed report but this means you get redirected to Intelius where you will be required to pay for the report.

Federal white pages – If the person you are looking for works for the government then you can use this site to search federal employees by name and find their email addresses and phone numbers. This is made up of more than 20 agencies that cumulatively have 456,876 people in the directory.

University directories – you can also check out some universities and colleges that offer a public search to locate their students. If the person you are looking for works or goes to school in that college or university then it makes sense to check there as well.

Example directories include  IvyTech, Pace, Memphi and Tufts. Not all universities and colleges will allow non students or staff to search.

Superpages – is one of the best local business directories with an option for people searching. However when you click the tab to find people it may redirect you to Yellowpages.

Telephone directory collection – hey here is an interesting resource for U.S. telephone directories from way back. If you are looking for old white pages then you can view digitized print versions from as far back as the mid 1900s. These are available at the Local Library of Congress website and comes with many filter options to find exactly what you are looking for.


Note that not everyone wants to be listed on these directories for example, a number of people have contacted us asking how to remove information from white pages. This means while this is a great resource to find people, like all other options, it is not the most comprehensive.

Also not all of the free white pages have the resources to update their database as soon as the individuals change their number, address or other personal details. So it is possible to get hold of information about a person you are looking for only to find that it is in fact outdated.

Imagine driving all the way to a location with the hope of meeting up with that long lost friend or colleague only to find that they moved a long time ago. This is why we offer other alternative ways to search people free.