Pennsylvania White Pages

White pages can be found online and if you are looking to find free white pages Pennsylvania online, you are at the right place. This article will be looking at the options available for a white pages search in the state of Pennsylvania that you can try out.

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Population in the state stands at more than 12.8 million with Philadelphia city having the highest population standing at 1.5 million but the capital Harrisburg has 49229 people.

The state has around 77 % of the population using the internet. There are more than 6 million Facebook users in the state. This then suggest that a lot of data on the population is available online and is somewhere there. This article is aimed and pointing you to the right direction as to where those details might be.

Search White Pages By Pennsylvania Cities



White Pages

White pages directories offer search results like phone numbers, addresses and more depending on the amount of data available on your search term on that directory.

The Pennsylvania White Pages Phonebook

The phonebook offers searches to locate phone numbers, addresses and more. There is also offered a phone number reverse search, address reverse search and business search from here.

Pennsylvania White Pages

You can search for someone by a name, phone number, address or zip code for free from here. Background checks are conducted a fee.

Phonebook of the World

The directory comes with a number of directories that offer white pages online in Pennsylvania.

Phone Lookup

The directory offers search boxes where you can search with a phone number or search with a name. You can also search using the Pennsylvania Phone Directory by City. Area codes searches are also offered on the directory.

The Real Yellow Pages

The directory lets you conduct a business search and a name search. You can order a hard copy of the Phonebook from here.

Other white pages include the Philadelphia Yellow Pages, White Pages in Wellington, 50 States, Verizon White Pages to name but some.

University Directories

University directories usually allow searches on their staff, faculty and students. If the person you are looking for is in one the universities or colleges in the state of Pennsylvania, then this option is for you. These directories offer totally free people searches.

University of Pennsylvania

The directory lets you lookup contact information of staff, faculty and students.

California University of Pennsylvania

To conduct a search on this directory, fill in the first name, last name, select department and submit.

Penn State University

Information on how to get the best results from the directory is provided here and is worth checking out.

Indian University of Pennsylvania

With a first name, last name, email address, campus address and department, you can find contact information for active employees, and current students from here.

Millersville University

You can search from here with first name, last name and choose a department to locate faculty and staff.

Bloomsburg University

This directory requires that you log in first to be able to conduct a search. More details on people searches are offered on the directory.

Other universities and colleges in the state of Pennsylvania are listed here. You can also search for the one you are looking for too from this directory.

Public Records Directories

Public records have been made accessible to the public by laws of the country. These are personal records and governments records. They are good sources of free white pages Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Free Public Records Directory

The directory offers public, criminal, property, marriage and divorce, birth and death searches.

Pennsylvania State Records

A search from this directory will mean instant access to Pennsylvania’s state records, county records as well as municipal records.

Pennsylvania Public Records

Searches can be performed with a first name, last name and and city. The state has already been selected for you.

Ultimate White Pages

A simple search box that requires first name, last name and state is provided upon reaching the directory but there are numerous other search options offered on the site that you might need to check out.

Court Records Directory

If you are looking to search from court records then this is your destination.

There are  public records offered by counties too like the York County, Montgomery County, Northampton County, Clinton County, Allegheny County, Washington County, Dauphin County and many others.

Government Directories

State governments keep records on their employees. So if the individual you are searching for is a government employee in the state of Pennsylvania, then the following option can help in your search.

Commonwealth Phone Directory

This directory offers listings of all numerous agencies within the executive, legislative and judicial branches in the government of the state of Pennsylvania in alphabetical order.

State Government in Pennsylvania

This directory offers contact information on all major state agencies and state officials found in the state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Department of Transport

If the individual you are looking to find is an employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Transport, this is one place you need to visit.

Government directories by county or city might be another option to try out as there are many in the state of Pennsylvania. These include City of Philadelphia, Harrisburg City, Cameron County, Delaware County, Quakertown, Lancaster County, York County, City of Aliquippa, Bethlehem City, Allegheny County to name a few.

Pennsylvania  People Search

Google is one of the best search engines in the world and can prove to be very useful when it comes to finding information on a person online. A search on the search engine cannot be counted out as an option and it is totally free.

To narrow down a search here you will need to involve other details you have on the person like city, county, business or middle names. Facebook is one social site that is prominent worldwide.

There are more than 6 million people in Pennsylvania using the platform so it is one place worth checking out. Other social media platform to consider would be Twitter and LinkedIn. If all these free options fail, paid or premium search sites or the services of a private investigator might be your next option.

These are the option you can consider for a free white pages search Pennsylvania. Try as many as you can since they all come with different data.

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