Oregon White Pages

White pages information like names, phone numbers, addresses, area codes, zip codes are available online as there are sites that offer them. This article will look at the choices you have for free white pages Oregon.

The state of Oregon has a population of about 4.2 million. The state of Oregon is ranked 6th when it comes to internet usage in the whole of the US with 86.1 %. There are more than 1.8 people who are on Facebook in the state. Contact details are mostly used o sign-in on sites and a number of other public documents. This suggests that there is a lot of data on the people of Oregon online that you can find.Free White Pages Oregon

White Pages Directories

These directories offer basic search results like names, phone numbers, and addresses depending on what type of search information you are searching with. Free white pages directories come with search bars that allow you to input the search data with you with ease.

Oregon White Pages Phonebook

Possible searches include a name search, phone number search, address search, and business search on the search bar provided. Searches can be conducted by selecting a city to search with from the list.

Oregon Yellow and White Pages

A search from here will mean a search from the white pages and yellow pages in Oregon. To be able to search from this directory, select a city from the Oregon cities listed in the directory.

Oregon White Pages

A first name, last name, city, and state (already selected for you,), gets you looking up information from this directory.

The Real Yellow Pages

This directory lets you search with a name and a business for information. You can also order hard copies of directories from here.

Online Phone Directory

The directory offers white pages in two forms. They offer them online and in print form upon request. All information on how to go about such searches is available on the directory.

Other white pages available include Eastern Oregon Yellow Pages, Ashland Directory, Oregon White Pages and Oregon Yellow Pages, Portland Yellow Pages, Addresses White Pages, Search People Directory and much more.

Government Directories

State governments have databases where they keep details on their employees. If the person you are looking to find is a state employee in Oregon, then there is no better option than these state government directories.

State of Oregon Agencies

If you are looking to search from a government agency in the state of Oregon, then this is one directory you might need to consider.

State of Oregon Employees

To search from here, enter your search keyword on the search field provided and it will filter your search results.

Government of Oregon

Searches are possible through the search bar provided and through the State Government and State Agencies links.

Oregon State Labor Offices

State of Oregon

A search can be conducted with an agency name, employee first name, and last name from this directory.

Oregon State Archives

This directory keeps a number of records that you can access through the search bar provided or the type of record you are looking for from the listed.

Other sources available include City Of Portland, City of Hillsboro, City of Bend, Wheeler County, Columbia County, City of Salem, City of Florence, Lane County, and plenty more.

Public Records Directories

Public records are accessible to the public and a number of directories offer them online. They are also good sources of white pages data and can prove useful when it comes to free white pages Oregon.

Oregon Free Public Records Directory

Searches can be performed either on the search field provided or by selecting the type of record you would like to search from on this directory.

Oregon Public Records Search

With a first name, last name, and state (already selected for you), you are on your way to the information on that individual you are searching for on this directory.

Oregon State Records

For instant access to Oregon state, county, and municipal; records, this is your recommended choice.

Public Records in the State of Oregon

Public records are available upon request from this directory and details on how to go about it are available on it.

Background Checks Public Records

Searches are possible on this directory with first name, last name, and state.

Other public records sources are Oregon Judicial Department, The Office of Public Records, Public Libraries, City of PrinevilleClackamas County, Coos County, City of Salem, Wilsonville City, and plenty more.

University Directories

Universities and colleges normally have directories on their students, faculties, and staff that can be accessed by the public. Here are some examples from Oregon which are totally free people search sites.

University of Oregon

You can search from this directory by simply entering your search details on the search bar provided.

Oregon State University

Possible searches on this directory are through last names, departments, colleges and keywords.

University of Portland

Searches can be performed on this directory using a name or department that you want o search from.

Southwestern Oregon Community College

You can go through the faculty and staff that are provided on the directory or search from the search field provided.

Warner Pacific University

The university has a list of all its faculty and staff on the directory. There is also a search bar where you can search for information.

More options on universities and colleges found in Oregon are found here.

People Search in Oregon

Google is a good example. A search on Google can prove productive. By entering the search details you have with you might bring back results, so it’s worth trying out. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are your other options. A lot of people are on these platforms and a search from them might give you a result.

The above-mentioned options are methods and ways you can try to find free white pages Oregon online. If these don’t come back with the desired outcome, paid sites, or the services of a private investigator might be your answer.


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