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More than 11.6 million people live in Ohio in its 88 counties. It might seem impossible to find someone in such a cluster online especially if you are looking to conduct a free search. This article is aimed at guiding you to find the best free white pages Ohio has to offer.

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Quick Facts About Ohio

First of all, more than 76.6 % of the population of Ohio State uses the internet. More than 5 million of its population is on Facebook. This is a good indication to show that internet usage is taken seriously in the state.

Since the production of hard copies of the White Pages ran its course, white pages information has been made available online for free. This is true for the state of Ohio as there do exist white pages information on its population. Below are types of directories that keep records on people online in the state of Ohio.

Ohio White Pages Free

Free white pages sites normally offer searches using a name, phone number, and address. To narrow your search they also offer options where you input a state, city, area code, or zip code.

The Ohio White Pages Phone Book

People searches are possible on this directory as well as phone number lookup and address searches. If you are family with the city you want to conduct your lookup from, then you can try The City White Pages offered on the site.

Addresses White Pages

You can search with a name, phone number, address, or zipcode from here. You can also run a background check from the site with their constantly updated database from public records.

Y Peek

To search from the site, select the city you are interested in searching from, from the listed cities.

Phonebook of the World

The Phonebook of the world does offer people searches on the state of Ohio through numerous links to various people search databases.

50 states

50 states allow searches with a name, last name, city, and state.

There many more white pages sites online that offer searches in the state of Ohio like 411, Verizon, Phone Lookup, Dex Knows, and others.

Ohio University Directories

If you are familiar with the university the individual you are looking to find is enrolled at or working at in Ohio you might try searching from there. Here are some prominent examples.

The Ohio State University

The search box from this directory will help you locate people from the university (faculty, students, and staff).

University of Cincinnati

For a faculty or staff search, you can use first and last names. for a department, search use the a – z index provided.

Ohio Wesleyan University

You can search with a first name, last name, year, and more from this directory. There are also links to other directories for further searches.

Dominican University

The University’s database offers faculty directory searches, staff directory searches, and office directory searches.

Franklin University

You can make use of the search box provided or navigate through the alphabet list to find your topic of interest.

For a list of colleges in Ohio, you can visit this site.

Ohio Government Directories

State governments do offer free searches on their directories as public records. You can search from them if the person you are looking to find is employed by the government in Ohio.

Ohio State Government Directory

This site was not operational during the time of writing this article. It is an official site on government information in the state of Ohio.

County Boards of Elections Directory

The counties are listed in alphabetical order on the site. Pick the one you are looking to search from or its first letter to search.

There are also city directories to search from for example those listed in Ohio City Directories are genealogical in nature.

Ohio Public records Directories

Information like personal records (birth, death, marriage, divorce records) and government records (tax, property, voter, court, crime records) have been made accessible to the public as public records. You can also make use of them in your free white pages Ohio.

Ohio State Public Records

You can instantly access government and personal records on someone from here with first name, last name, and city in Ohio.

Ohio Free Public Records Directory

The types of searches that are available on this directory are limitless and are all worth a try.

Department of Justice Ohio

This site offers public records from appellate courts, the district court, bankruptcy court, and more.

Ohio Public Records

These are free public records found on the Search System site that is in the state of Ohio that are accessible with a name or category.

Ohio People Search 

The above-mentioned directories are some of the choices that are at your disposal for totally free people sites available in the state of Ohio. Other options that you can try in locating someone online include a search on Facebook. It is a widely used social media platform in the world and chances are the person you are looking to find is a member on it. Other alternatives might be Twitter and LinkedIn.

A Google search might surprise you with results too. By entering your search term on the Google bar you might come up with something.

Not all people search methods are bulletproof when it comes to people searches. These are not guaranteed to always work the magic but are worth checking out for free white pages Ohio.

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