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The introduction of white pages on the internet have made it a lot convenient to find information on someone that you would have otherwise struggled to do so before. This article will discuss some of the methods you can try to look up information on someone using free white pages North Carolina.

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North Carolina’s population is more than 10 million people with of 76% households having internet, 80% live in a household with internet and more than 4.5 million on Facebook. This indicates that internet usage is common among the people and it’s highly likely that there is a lot of information on them that is available online. 

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Free White pages information is available online and there are a number of ways one can go about finding it. This article will discuss different sources that can help you find that information you are looking for. The sources are not related and store different types of data. It is advisable that you try a search in a number of them as they keep different records. 

North Carolina White Pages Directories

Basic results from a search from white pages directories are phone numbers, addresses, and names depending on the type of information you are searching with. These sites allow searches with name, phone number and address. To narrow your search results, you will be needed to add a city, county, zip code or area code depending on what the available search box requires. 

  The North Carolina White Pages Phonebook

Searches can be conducted with a name, phone number and address or you can just pick one of the cities in the state from the list to search from. 

Phone Lookup

You can find information like landline, cell phone number, and business information on any phone number or name from here.

Search People Directory

You can conduct a search from here with a name or pick a city to search from, from the list provided. 

Verizon White Pages

Verizon white pages information is in two formats. You can search online for it or have it delivered to you in print format.

North Carolina City Directories

This directory offers links for searches to all North Carolina Cities. You can also browse by County from here.

North Carolina Telephone Directories

This database is home to extensive collection of telephone directories both old and new. 

North Carolina Government Directories

State governments keep records and these records are available to the public for access. If the individual you are looking to find is employed by the state government of North Carolina, then you might need to give these directories a shot. 

 North Carolina Employee Directory

With a first/ middle name, last name and agency (if any) you are on your way to information available on the directory.

Directory of the State and County Officials

You can find all information pertaining the state and county officials from here.

North Carolina Government

There are links from here to North Carolina’s agency Directory, employee directory, contact to the governor’s office and more.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services 

This is the employee directory for the NCDHHS where you can search with a name. 

North Carolina Department of Transportation

You can conduct a search from here by filling in the name and last name of the individual you are looking to find on the provided search box.

There are also county and city directories that offer people searches like Guilford County, city of Salisbury, Greenville, city of Wilmington, Cumberland County, Durham County and more.

North Carolina University Directories

University directories are also available for access to the public and thus are considered good sources of free white pages North Carolina

 North Carolina State University

You can search for students, staff or faculty from this directory by filling in the search details required in the search box. 

University of North Carolina

This directory offers name searches which can be conducted through their search box.

Wake Forest University

You can search for Wake Forest University students, faculty and staff from this directory. 

South Carolina State University

This directory offers lookup on faculty and staff in the university.

Western Carolina University

With a last name, first name and department you are on your way to information from here on your search term.

East Carolina University

Searches are provided with a name, last name and you can filter your search by choosing whether you want to perform a faculty, staff or students search.

Other universities and colleges are Duke University, University of South Carolina, Queens University of Charlotte, Winston – Salem State University and many others.

North Carolina Public Records

Public records include personal records (birth, marriage, divorce, death records) and government records (property tax, recorded land, voter, crime data, and court records). These are accessible to the public by laws of the US. Here are some directories that are good among people search sites.

North Carolina Public Records

Searches that can be conducted include name searches, criminal searches and more. There are also categories that you can use to browse.

Public Records Search Systems

You can search with a name or choose a category to search from on this directory. Background searches are provided at a fee as they provide detailed and comprehensive results. 

North Carolina State Records

A search from this directory means you will get instant access to North Carolina State, county and municipal records. 

Free Background Checks

This site will help find public records online including criminal records, court records, arrest records and more.

Counties and cities like Rowan County, Durham County, Nash County, Cabarrus County, Town of Cary, Spartanburg County are examples of directories that are available in the State of North Carolina. 

North Carolina Free People Search

Facebook is one social site that people use to keep information like contact details photos and other details. Since 4.5 million of the population of North Carolina is on Facebook, it is worth searching on the platform. Other social media site to consider might be Twitter and LinkedIn.

Google is a very powerful search engine that cannot be overlooked when it comes to conducting a search. Another option that cannot be ignored is the services of an investigator. It comes at a cost but if all fails, it may be just the answer. 

These are some of the options you have for a free white pages search North Carolina. Make sure to try as many as possible as they all come with different data. 


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