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TotallyFreePeopleSearch.Org How Our Free People Search Works

The inspiration behind totallyFreePeopleSearch.Org (TFPS) was based on a desperate search for someone online – sometime ago. When an attempted free people searching kept going around and around in circles – sometimes landing on a paid site that offered free results but NOT free search – I decided enough was enough.

Having spent many hours testing and using different methods to locate people online, TFPS was born from the collection of notes. We’ve since developed it far bigger than those original pieces.

Our Vision and Goal

Our vision is to help you learn how to find people free of charge by creating a comprehensive library of up to date people search guides that anyone can use and apply to their cost free people searching. It may not be perfect (yet) but we try to work hard every day to update it with new and useful information. One thing is for sure, by using this site as your portal for people searches, you will SAVE a lot of time and money.

It is your number one stop every time you want to lookup someone.

How The Site Works Exactly

Inside the site are numerous Guides all centered on cost free searches for people via the internet. While some do recommend paid services, predominantly we focus on free people search.

Option 1: Use the website navigation

All you have to do is scroll through the navigational links to find a topic that closely relates to what you are looking for. By clicking that link, you will be taken to a Microsite or section that will provide more information around your topic of choice. By following the links inside each of the articles, you will eventually pile up a wealth of knowledge.

Option 2: use the search box

The quickest route to using the site is to simple use the search box. DO NOT type the name of the person, we do not have a database or list of people’s names and details in a database inside the site, instead type in an keyword query related to what you are looking for e.g. background people search, reverse people search using a name, address search etc.

When you hit the search button you will be presented with all the information available on the site. Take time to go through at least 3 of the listed articles. Before you know it, you will be reading articles not accessible through the navigation but very much useful to you.

Option 3: Subscribe to the mailing list

We have created a mailing list where we regularly send best tips and guides via newsletter. If you do not want to lose out of upto date information about free people search then signing up for our cost free mailing list is a best choice for you. We do not email you unnecessary information and we most definitely respect your privacy; this means we do not sell of share the information you provide with anyone else unless of course we were to be requested by authority such as government.

It is important to highlight that our Newsletter subscribers often receive information that we don’t post on the site or blog. This is because some information cannot be share in public.

Option 4: Follow us on social media

We have a vibrant community that shares information, tips and tricks on our social pages. If you take time to follow us or like us then you will gain access to the wealth of information on people lookup from these pages. We do our best to be very active on the social sites to moderate and offer guidance; however the power of the community is in the peer to peer interactions. Take a moment to visit our these social pages and make sure you don’t miss out.

Option 5: Read our blog

Our blog section was developed as a place where we post thought provoking articles and information related to our website. We cover latest news, trends and conduct interviews with the relevant people within the industry. Although relatively new, we are doing our very best to make sure this blog becomes an authority in the people search space.

Where to start

We recommend you start with these articles

1. Totally free people search sites

2. Free white pages

3. Free Phone Number Lookup

Thank you

We look forward to your feedback.


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