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Are you looking for ways to find someone for free in Washington? White pages are the best option for such a process and this article will discuss free white pages in Washington online. There are a number of sources of white pages online and they keep different data as this article will point out.

Washington state has a population of about 7.7 million and it’s capital city Olympia has a population of 52 500. Internet usage in the state stands at a high 85.7 % with more than 3.8 million people affiliated with Facebook. With such internet usage, there is definitely some data on the Washington population that you can find online. This article will look at the places that might store such data.

Free White Pages in Washington

White Pages Directories

Basic searches from white pages directories include name search, phone number search, address search, and business search. There are search fields provided on them where you enter your search details and search.

The Washington White Pages Phonebook

Details like a name, phone number, address, and business can get you started on a search from here. You can also select a city to search from it.

Addresses White Pages

Name searches are possible from this directory. You can also perform a background check on someone at a fee from this directory too.

The Real Yellow Pages

This directory offers white pages searches (people search) and yellow pages search (business search). You can also request the directories from here.

50 States White Pages

To search on this directory, enter the first name, last name, city, and state (selected) and press search.

Phone Lookup White Pages

Possible searches from here include phone number search, name searches, searches by the city to name some.

For further searches on white pages directories, you can try Washington Area Connect, Search People Directory, Skip Ease White Pages, and Frontier Online White Pages among them.

Public Records Directories

Public records like personal records (birth, death, marriage, divorce) and government records like (criminal, court, property, voter) are made available to the public by the laws of the US. They are good sources of white pages and can be considered for free white pages in Washington.

Washington Free Public Records Directory

To search, enter first name, last name, city, or state on the search bar or choose the type of record you want to search from.

Washington Public Records

Searches can be conducted with a name or by selecting the type of record you are looking to search from here.

Washington State Records

This directory promises instant access to Washington State, county, city, and municipal records through its search fields.

Washington Public Libraries

To search from this directory, you will need first name, last name, city, and state. Enter those lookup terms on the relevant search fields and search.

Washington Court Records

With the first name, last name, city, and state, you are on your way to court records information available on the person you are looking up from here.

Other sources of public records in Washington to try out are Washington Public Records Check, Washington Department of Justice, Washington County, Snohomish County, Bonney Lake City,

Government Directories

State governments normally keep directories where there is contact information on their staff, agencies, and departments. If the person you are looking to find is a state employee in Washington, then you might consider looking from this source.

Washington State Public Employee Directory

A search from here requires that you provide the employee’s first name, last name, and the employer on the search bar.

Washington State Government Agencies

This directory lists all the government agencies available in the state (State government, Tribal Government, and the United State Government) for you to explore.

Washington Online Local Government Directory

This directory offers a search bar for a search, you can also pick the first letter of the name you are looking up or you can select the city from the listed ones to search from.

City of Olympia

To search from this directory, you can either use the search box or select a department from the listed ones.

King County Directory

To search for state employees from this directory, enter their first name and last name on the relevant search fields and search.

Other sources of government directories include US Government Departments and Agencies, Health and Human Services, City of Shoreline, Everett Staff Directory, and Washington State Department of Transport as examples.

University Directories

In a situation whereby the person you are looking to find is a university or college employee or student in Washington, then you might consider checking the following sources for a search. University and college directories are totally free people search sites.

University of Washington

This directory allows searches on students, staff, and faculty of the university from its search bar.

Central Washington University

Searches can be conducted on this directory by using first name, last name, position, or department on the search box.

The George Washington University

To search for information on the university’s students, staff, and faculty or all, enter the name and then select type of search and press “search”.

Trinity Washington University

This directory will assist you to find information on the university offices and people (faculty and staff) through its directory icon.

American University Washington DC

You can search for people, departments, or services at the university from this directory.

For more universities and colleges found in the state of Washington, you can come here.

Other Options

Other options to consider include Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for example. These directories have search bars where you can look up someone.

The above-listed options offer free whites in Washington that you can use for a search. Try as many as you can as they all come with different data. In circumstances where they return undesired results, you can try paid sites or the services of a private investigator.

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