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Finding someone online is possible. The difference maker is having the information and being able to find a way to get the most out of it. Well, this article is aimed at equipping you with the some of the best methods and places to go about a free white pages Maryland search


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Being home to about 6 million people on the eastern part of the United States of America, Maryland maybe a little bit intimidating when it comes to the possibilities of locating someone in the State. The state of Maryland has the fastest internet in the whole of the US. 

maryland, annapolis

This means that the state as a whole do take the internet service seriously and will take advantage of this, making the possibility high that a lot of their data is stored online. 

Search White Pages By Maryland Cities

Frostburg md
Queenstown md
Reisterstown md
Aberdeen md
Ellicott City md
Glen Burnie md
Leonardtown md
Chesapeake Beach md
College Park md
Columbia md

Gaithersburg md
North East md
Pikesville md
Prince Frederick md
Rising Sun md
Annapolis md
Arnold md
Berlin md
Bethesda md
Bowie md

Below are a few 4 categories that you can try out for a free white pages search online in Maryland. They all have different data as they keep different records on people. Extra details like place of employment, university/ college, public records information and location can help narrow down your search. The following categories are meant to help with just that. 

Maryland White Pages Searches

There are sites online which are dedicated to white pages searches on the internet. These sites allow searches with a name, phone number and an address. They offer totally free searches.

White Pages

A successful search from here will basically return with a phone number, address and other details if they are available on the site. You can also search by city from here.


With a first name, last name and state you are on your way to available results from the site. Premium searches are also offered from here if you are looking for a more detailed outcome. 


The site offers free people searches, various types of searches as well as links to other sources that can yield successful results in your quest for that information you are looking to find. 

Yahoo People Search

When searching from here, you will be able to search with a name, city and state from one of the biggest search engines in the entire world.  

Phone Lookup

You will able to lookup a phone number, a name or choose a city you want to search from, from this site. 

Maryland Directories

This site gives access to various phonebook and city directories for Maryland through links. 

University Directories in Maryland 

Universities are another source of white pages data as they also keep records on their stuff and students. If you are aware of the university you are looking to search from in Maryland for free white pages information you are at an advantage. 

Most universities allow you to search with a name from their records and some will allow you to search from faculty. Other universities directories have numerous faculties across the state with links to them. 

 The University of Maryland has a faculty, staff and student directory that you can take advantage of. From this site you will find links to the numerous university systems of Maryland. Just pick the faculty that you want to search from and you will be directed to it for your search. To be able to search for a student, you will need to be registered first. 

You can search with a name and department from Loyola University, with a name also from Notre Dame of Maryland and from Mount St. Mary’s University of Maryland.

 Other universities include Morgan State University, U.S. Naval Academy, Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, and Goucher College among them.

Maryland Government Directories

Government directories are also sources of information and the state of Maryland have a number of sites where you can search for someone. Here are some you can try out for a free white pages Maryland search.

Maryland State Employee is one directory that offers these kinds searches. With a name, last name and agency/ department you are on your way to information on anyone in Maryland government. 

Records from Maryland State Agency are categorized into different section but come in alphabetical order. 

Cecil County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County Maryland are examples of a directories whereby you can search records from a county.

There are also searches you can conduct from databases of cities. Cities like Annapolis, Baltimore are examples.

For a list of Maryland State Agencies and Organizations you can visit this site. 

Maryland Public Records

Public records information ranges from birth to genealogy, marriage, historical, court, divorce, criminal, property records. Public records are good databases when it comes to totally free people search sites on the internet.

The types of public records available from Family Search are very comprehensive. They include genealogy, military, court, church, public, vital and more other types of records. Court records are also accessible from the Maryland Judiciary where you search by case. 

Public records are also available from Search Systems, Maryland State Records, and Public Libraries. Searches can be conducted with a name from these sites.  Netro Online allows you to search from County in Maryland. 

Maryland People Search

Free white pages Maryland sites are available but they might not be enough to help you find the results that you so eagerly seek. A search on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn also is a recommended option. You might also be prompted to try the premium sites or even the services of a private investigator.

These are some of the ways to finding someone online for free. Try as many as possible on your search with as many different search data as possible too.

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