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Last Updated on June 28, 2021

How to find someone free of charge in 2021

If you are looking for a free people search site to help reconnect with your long lost friend, relative or if you are simply trying to investigate someone (e.g. boyfriend, girlfriend, date, neighbour, employee, roommate etc) & looking for their personal information free online then you are in the right place. We will show you how to find someone free of charge regardless of the location of person you are looking to find.

We will go a step further and show you details on how to search & find someone’s profile information –  like an email address, phone number, mobile phone number, physical address or their public records information like arrest records, marriage records, license plate number database etc.

Furthermore, you can find out how to find someone’s personal information like name, birthday, maiden name (if now married most people change their name), family history (genealogy) and more.  It is essentially your perfect choice for the right people search engine recommendations. Before we get to the gist of people finding, let’s start with two or three questions about people search that are probably lingering in your mind right now.

Is there a completely free people search?

Yes! there is a free person search & results via the internet. You just need to know where and how to access these free finders and methods where you simply need to enter the first name, last name and sometimes the area code and even the state (if you are searching within the US) . In this website we will take the time to show you every thing useful to help you find someone absolutely free of charge.

Should I pay to find someone online?

No you don’t have to pay to search & find people but it is up to you if you want to pay a site to lookup people, name, phone number or email address online. Using free people finders and methods require time while many paid services are usually quicker and provide comprehensive reports at a go. Note that most finders will offer your a free search but not require you to pay for the results (or report).

Please note that none of the websites have 100% of the free people search information about everyone in the world. So you might end up having to access multiple people search websites to look up the person. It’s like being some sort of a professional DIY detective or private investigator.

If you decide to pay for the search & results, don’t assume that you will have access to super advanced information and data  like what we see in the movies when they seem to use some spy software to find people free. The reality is that you will simply gain access to a few more details about the person, which you might or might not be interested in anyway but nothing like what those movies show.

What information can you find about People online?

You can search & find phone numbers, addresses, name,  personal records, public records etc. In fact, there is a myriad of information you can find on the internet about people. Research shows that people are getting more and more comfortable with sharing their personal information (e.g. usually details like names, contact phone number, addresses, email) online despite the growing risks that come with it. This means as a DYI investigator you stand a better chance to do a free search with results without paying anything and get as much information about the person as possible.

Below is the list of the information and if you follow the links you will discover that you can search & access it mostly without paying any fee.

    1. Phone Number lookup

For a free Phone number lookup, if you have the number of the person and you are trying to find out their name and details, then this search is for you. Most people confuse a reverse phone search with the actual searching of the phone number. If you have a name and surname of the person you are trying to track then you can enter those details and learn more about how to find their cell phone numbers.  We also recommend telephone numbers site you can check out right away. See ideas to help find world wide phone numbers, using Google, phone carriers & more.

    2. Physical addresses

There is a number of ways you can use to learn more about  how to find someone’s physical address rather to find an address for free.e.g using an address finder. Person you know went AWOL or trying to learn more about someone you just met? This guide will help you find an address, previous addresses or even a work one.

We also recommend residential white pages and more local based sites you can use that provide this service e.g. how to use whitepages Canada site – if you are looking for a database for an address finder for a person.

    3. Email address

An email address is one of the best modern contact methods and can be quite useful to you. Because there are a number of ways & sites to search for an email address on the internet, we have taken the time to look through a number of them and came up with the top 5 honestly great ways to do your email address scouting. You can check out free email lookup

   4. Birth records

If you want to know how to find someone’s birthday to buy them a gift or you simply want to learn more about their age (how old they are) or birth details, then this guide will provide all the information you require to do just that.

   5. License Plate

Had an unfortunate encounter on the road but didn’t have enough time to identify the person or owner of the vehicle, then you can do a free license plate lookup. Of course you may have other reasons to use the license plate number including doing a reverse search – whatever the reason this piece of information found on the web is accessible mostly on no cost public websites.

    6. Maiden Name

To know how to find someone’s maiden name is an advantage if you are looking for a long lost friend who is probably married by now. You can also use it as a way to track your own genealogy e.g. finding out your mother or grand mother’s (oe any person’s) maiden names for family tree purpose i.e. tracking lineage of any person.

How to find someone for free

Apart from social media & Google, there are a number of ways you can use to search for anybody completely free on the internet; this entire website is made up of all of the best ways usually over looked by many other similar sites .

Below is a complete list of the best methods found for your free people searches. We guarantee that if you give yourself enough time to read through you will soon be a master on people search. Free guides are presented here to help you search for friends & family anywhere at absolutely no charge. Let us dive into all of them in the list below.

   1. People search sites

The most recommended start off point in any investigation is using a people search engine to find people for free. There are a dime a dozen of them online but we have sifted through them all and only provide totally free people search sites you can use right away. These include but not limited to free people search yahoo, free white pages, usa people search, Zabasearch, 411, yellow pages and more. We have listed more on the page specially about these sites. You can also search by state with white pages new yorkwhite pages michigan, white pages mn, white pages indiana, white pages virgina, white pages nj or cities like white pages Rochester NY, White pages Buffalo ny and more.

   2. Reverse People Search

So once you have gotten hold of the right people finders then try out Reverse people search on them. This basically means using one detail you have to get hold of another piece about someone e.g. to find a person by name.

This is basically how you can  find someone by name and birthday, find a person with a phone number (e.g. 855 527 9387), find someone by email addresssocial security numberby maiden name search street address,   cell number and more.

You simply input that detail like name, in a search tool and then a report will be produced with more info about the person you are looking up.

   3. Google People

We all know that Google as a site, is the best search engine in the world to access information at your finder tips, well Google people search  is also one of the best tools to track, locate and get hold of someone’s profile  details without paying anything.

There are a few tricks like enclosing the person’s name within quotes, using the advanced search tool and even the images search to find people by using their picture.

The on weakness that the big G has compared to the dedicated finders is that it does not search the invisible or deep web, which means it only finds info that is available on free and public websites.

   4. Public Records

Here is another great way to avoid paying any fees for your query; Simply do a public record search. This means what it says, the public records can be accessed by anyone on the internet and also offline eg. Department of state offices, at no charge at all. You can look up military recordsfind arrest records, conduct a death records search and more.

   5. Background Check

Put your PI hat on and try your luck with totally free background check no credit card needed sources on the web. There are several reasons why you would want to do a background check, like when you have someone new in your life. The guide offers recommendations about how to do these background checks free of charge.

Background checks are great if you are “in the market” for a nanny, new employee, roommate, life partner or anyone you are thinking of associating yourself with. It is always a great idea to do a criminal records search. However, you can also adopt these platforms to learn more about a person you are looking up or have lost contact with.

   6. Genealogy Records

Free genealogy websites provide the info you need to complete an absolutely free family tree search or discover relatives and your history with an absolutely free family history search without any no credit card required and certainly no fee required at all.

   7. International People search

If the person you are looking for is outside of the U.S. or you suspect they are overseas then you can may use finders to help locate anyone overseas or abroad. International people search can help you locate someone internationally. This website offers details on how to find people in Greece, Find someone in canada for freeUK people search, People search Germany, Japan people search, Hungary people search & more. You can even see how to find a lost friend in Jamaica.


   8. Social Media Search

Social media hosts billions of people’s details and to be honest, they have the best people data base on the internet. We are developing this section but you can check out our guide on social media search and Facebook search people.

   9. Digital Footprints

This method is one of our most secret weapons to date and you can take it and use it without paying anything. The idea is to leave footprints all over the internet so that the person you are looking for will stumble on to them, hopefully sometime soon, and then get in touch with you. Watch this video that explains this better below.

Note that while it talks about long lost friends, you can apply the method across all your queries. So I strongly advise you watch it till the end because it may just be the right solution for you right now. It will show you how you can use an alternative way to to be in contact with the person from your past whether for social reasons or otherwise.

The amount of information you can access online depends on how much time you put in in your free people search. As you have possibly realised by now, to find people online is amazingly easy but to be a master at it you need to constantly update you searching skills because things change and new tools and methods emerge. You can also follow this site on social media (Facebook, Youtube & twitter) to stay up to date with more tips and tricks on how to find someone free of charge.

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