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There are various reasons that may prompt an individual to lookup someone online. White pages is a normal and mostly reliable source of such information and this article is aimed at discussing free white pages Illinois that you can search with.



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The population in Illinois stands at about 12.6 million and the state is ranked 6th in having the largest population in the US. THE capital may be Springfield but the largest city is Chicago with 65% of the state’s population.

Search White Pages by Illinois Cities

illinois Chicago

More than 78 % of the population uses the internet. More than 6.9 million are on Facebook. This shows that internet usage is high in the state making also high possible that a lot of data on the state’s population is online. There are a number of sources where you can find contact information on people. White pages data can be classified according to the following sources below.

Illinois White pages

Contact information like phone numbers and addresses are some of the results from a search on free white pages directories online.

A search from this directory will give you results like phone numbers, addresses and more.  You can also search from a city on this from here.

Searches on this directory can be conducted using a name, phone number, address or zip code. It is also possible to perform a background check from here at a fee.

The directory offers searches with a number of options. You can also order a hard copy of the white pages from here.

There are links to a number of directories that can be helpful in your search to locating contact information on your person of interest from here.

To conduct a search from this directory, just pick the city you are looking to search from and click on it.

Other directories with white pages data on the state of Illinois include Frontier, Y Peek, Consolidated Phonebook, Family Search as examples.

Illinois  Public Records

Personal records (birth, marriage, divorce, death) and government records (criminal, voter, property, and court) are considered public records and are made available to the public. They are worth considering for free white pages  Illinois search.

Illinois State Records

The directory will give you access to Illinois’s state, county and municipal records instantly when you search.

Illinois Free Public Records Directory

The numbers of ways to search for records from here are limitless and so are the types of records that are from the directory.

Illinois Public Records search

You can either search with a name on the search box provided or pick a category that you would like to search from here.

Family Tree Public Records

The directory offers searches as well as information on where to locate what type of record and the ways to go about looking for those records.

The counties and cities of Illinois also do offer directories where people searches can be conducted. These involve Adams County, Rock Island County, Belleville County, Lake County, Tazewell County, Montgomery County, City of Moline and many others.

For a list of the Illinois’ City Directories you can find them here.

Illinois  Government Records

If the person you are looking to find is an employee of the state government of Illinois then the following options are worth visiting on your search.  All these offer totally free searches.

Illinois Employee Telephone Directory

To search you must first fill in the agency to search from. To filter your search results, you will need to also include the work unit. Name searches can be conducted also from here.

National Archives

The directory keeps vital records on the state of Illinois links to sites that can help you locate birth, marriage, divorce and death records online.

Illinois Courts

The directory offers access to all court records in the state of Illinois through numerous links.

Government of Illinois

The directory gives access to Illinois’ government agencies and departments as well as the states services.

Government directories are also available for cities and counties too. These include Chicago, McHenry County, Elk Grove Village, City of Lincoln, DeKalb County, Cook County, City of Quincy to name but some.

Illinois  University Records

Universities do have directories which are accessible to the public. If the person you are looking to find is in one the universities or colleges in the state of Illinois, then this option can prove to be very helpful.

University of Illinois

A search from here is conducted through three methods (name, net ID, or department). Another way to search from the University is offered here.

The University of Chicago

To search from this directory, enter the name, net ID and department then press search.

Greenville University

Searches can be conducted by name or you can browse by department and office to search.

Illinois Institute of Technology

The directory offers clear details on how to go about conducting a productive search from their database.

Other universities include Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, Northeastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University,         Western Illinois University,  Wheaton College and a lot more.

For a list of universities and colleges found in the state of Illinois, you can check from here.

Illinois People Search

Google is a powerful search tool and can be considered for a search too. Adding information like city or county on your search might help filter the results. Facebook has more than 6.9 million users in the state of Illinois. That means a search on the social platform is worth considering too. Twitter and LinkedIn are other popular social media platforms.

These are some of the ways to free white pages Illinois that you can try. It is worth mentioning that these options have all different records, so trying a number of them might prove productive.

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