How to find someone’s birthday – DOB Search in 2020


Do you want to know how to find someone’s birthday and do a DOB Search? Then you have come to the right place. We offer the most useful birthday search information online today.



There are several reasons why you may need this for; for one you may have recently met the person and you want to surprise them with a birthday gift or it’s a friend or relative whose birthday you have forgotten or have never known but it’s too late to ask them now.



Well, there are several ways to do a DBO search. In this article I will the most effective methods only.


Note: It is important that you have some kind of information about the person beforehand to make your search easier. So you should know one or more of these; the name, surname, phone number, email address, physical address or any other personal information. Go here to learn how to find someone free of charge


Most people search engine sites use reverse people search for birthdays. So having this information will enable you to run a reverse people search, which is a fancy way of saying find the person’s birthday by name, free phone number lookup or by any other piece of information you have.


To sum it all up, you can do a free birthday lookup by using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Instagram, Whatsapp and more. You can also use free to access public records.


These carry millions of free public birth records about anyone, which makes us cumbersome to sort through the millions if not billions of records. This is why you can simply find and use date of birth search finders online to sift through the public records.


You can also use simple offline tactics that involve conversations with various people and some proven tricks we will share later in this article.


How to find out when someone was born – the basics


So before we get into deep details about this let me just point you towards absolutely free dob search ideas you can try out first. First you can simply ask their friends or someone close to them.


If that fails then you can trick the person into showing you their national ID or driver’s license. Simply start up a topic about it e.g. possibly mention how much you hate your picture and pull yours out first – hopefully they will do the same.


Secondly simply go to Google and type out the person’s name, surname and city – there is a chance Google will save you all the trouble and just provide you with the birthday information you are looking for.


If these free birthdate lookup options didn’t work then roll up your sleeves and read through this entire article for more in depth insights on how to find someone’s date of birth.


Social networks


According to, more than 2,8 billion people use Social networks to date and it is estimated to go up to more than 3 billion beyond 2021.  Pewresearch says teens share the most personal information than anyone.


For example, according to official research, 82% of them post their birthdate on social networks. This means you stand a better chance of finding someone’s birthday via social networks if they are younger.


Some of the best recommended sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp to name a few.


Note that some people do use privacy settings to hide this information so this might not necessarily work for you. What I have noticed is that people tend to take this seriously on Facebook and maybe Instagram and Twitter because these are popular sites but they tend to forget to make their birth records private on sites like Linkedin.


How To Find someone’s birthday on Facebook


There are 3 ways to do a free date of birth search on Facebook; you can check the person’s profile by going to the About page, wall page where friends have left birthday messages on a birthday thread and you can also use Facebook’s Events feature to see upcoming birthdays of your friends.


Facebook app tends to be updated very often, which makes it harder to provide 100% accurate details of where to click and what but if you follow these basic principles, you should be okay. Make sure you are already a FB friend to this person before you try out the free birthday search below.


How to look up someone’s birthday on Instagram


To find a dob on Instagram requires that you follow the person first. This step is absolutely necessary if they have locked their account to non-followers, which would mean you won’t be able to see an information about them.


So once you’ve followed the person successfully, then visit their profile page and scan through their pictures. It might take you a while but most people will post their birthday pictures and celebration on Instagram.


You can also click on the person’s tagged photos to see check if no friend wished them a “happy birthday” at anytime within the past 12 months. Another option is to identify a close friend of theirs and check out that friend’s pictures as well – typically friends also posts birthday messages and pictures of each other.


How to look up someone’s date of birth on Linkedin


Linkedin is another popular social network and you can use it to find answers to your question; how to find date of birth for free for free on Linkedin.


The one good thing about it is that most people don’t care much to hide information in this site mainly because they feel the more possible business partners or employers know about them, the better.


So first you need to make sure that you are connected to the person whose birthday you are trying to find. Then simply login and head on to contacts to see if the person has listed their contacts there.


If you can’t see their birth date because they have possibly hidden it, then your best chance is to check if they have any certificates uploaded, some of these educational documents have a birth date listed.


How to find someone’s date of birth on Twitter


Any person registering on Twitter has to provide their birthday detail. You can look at the upper left hand side of their profile page to see if it is appearing there.


It should if the person entered his or her birth date record during registration. As well you when it is actually their birthday, you will notice it with a balloon overlay applied to posts they make for that day only.


How to find someone’s date of birth on Whatsapp


Let me be honest here, there is currently no real way to find a someone’s birthday on Whatsapp. This is because when signing up you simply provide your number and nothing more.


So essentially Whatsapp doesn’t know anything more about you other than your number. Unless you have access to local SIM Card registry then you cannot find out.


The one non sure fire way is to track their Whatsapp status to see if they post hints about their upcoming birthday or if they post something on the actual day.


How to find date of birth on Snapchat


To find out someone’s birthday on Snapchat is possible but requires a bit of leg work from your side. Like on Whatsapp, you need to track the person daily.


Keep checking by typing their name on the friend’s list and see what shows up. It should be a cake emoji if it’s actually their birthday on the day of searching.


You can also check their profile to see if their zodiac sign is listed. Just look for a small purple box emoji.


A general tip on how to find someone’s birthdate using social networks is to look at the person’s social media profile link. Most people have their DOB highlighted in their email address and social networks typically use that information to create persona user profiles.


As well most social networking sites will send you a notification on your connections’ birth date so if all fails then you can use that as a way to find out when somebody was born.


Use Birthday database to find out when someone was born


Is there a free birthday database online? Well, the answer is simply no if you are looking for just one comprehensive birthdate database listings and I am sure you are already aware of that.


However, there are a number of sites that hosts millions of birth records obtained from public records and other online sources. For example claims to have over 120 million of birth records in their birthday database.


What’s annoying about trying to find a freepeoplesearch birthday finder is that most will have in their domains info that gives you confidence that they are a birthdate database only to send you typical people search sites like US search or Intelius. We will provide a quick birthday finders review below in this article.


Use Free Public Birth Records to lookup birthday free


So how do you find out someone’s birthday on public records? Public records, also known as vital records typically offer free public birth records access to anyone anywhere via the internet.


Government agencies provide free online record searching and access to public record information. The data that you can access comes directly from the Public Record Research System (PRRS) or learn more from the Public Record Retriever Network.


There are thousands of U.S. government agencies that avail public records, some free of charge and some at a fee.


These include state, county, and city sites, state occupational licensing boards, U.S. Territories, federal courts’ opinions and decisions searchable federal sanctions sites and significant Agencies, state appellate & Supreme Court opinions & decisions, military sites, unclaimed funds, foreign sites –


Canada, foreign embassy sites in U.S. You can find a list of these on -BRB’s Free Public Record Search Directory.


These public records are made up of records like birth, marriage and death through certificates i.e. birth certificates and more public records like arrest records, sex offenders, physical address, phone numbers and other court records. Some even go as far as include social media and dating profiles.


Note that in most cases not everyone is allowed to access birth certificates or birth records of a person via these government agents. Those not authorised, which in this case chances you are not, you can request for an informational certified copy of the birth certificate.


See this example of information on obtaining a copy of a birth records. Of course you might have to look for the person’s county website to see if the same rules apply – but typically they do.


NOTE: A tip when searching on free public records is to also try to search birth records by parent name.


USE Free Birthday Finder for Your DOB Search


To sift through hundreds of public records yourself would take forever. The best way is to simply use a dob finder, which us typically a website that has access to all these public records from across the country.


All you do is enter the name and some detail of the person you are looking up and they will retrieve the details for you instantly. Some birth of date finder offer this free and some charge something like a monthly subscription. What you get is a report as shown below.


Our top 10 recommended birthday lookup sites


Note that some are paid and some are free. They typically pull information from public birthday records.



In addition to the 10 recommended birthday lookup sites,  check out Zabasearch is pretty good at finding information about people and it offers a free birthdate lookup solution.


It only has access to public information but is a useful resource to try. Yes, it will refer you to their parent company Intelius for more information but the choice to go there is yours.


I hope by now you have gotten some very useful information on how to find someone’s birthday online. Just note that when using these date of birth finder sites for a birthday search, you can use different pieces of information at your disposal to do the free DOB search.


Typically they will ask you to enter the name of the person, surname, city and state before you can search.


However some sites enable you to find date of birth by name and address, find date of birth by social security number free (SSN), Find date of birth by phone number or from mobile number, find date of birth by email address or even find date of birth by age. Some international people search sites allow you to find the DOBs by country e.g. in India, UK, Australia etc.


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