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With a population of 3.6 million, it can be a bit intimidating when it comes to finding someone in the state of Connecticut. In this article, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to a free Connecticut white pages.

The state is economically stable as it is ranked sixth in the country making its population lifestyle a bit sophisticated. A stable economy means high internet usage. The state is ranked 10th when it comes to internet usage and most of its population have fair access to speed internet.

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In this free white pages Connecticut article, we will discuss 5 ways you can find people in Connecticut. Within each of these, we will provide a list of recommended websites you can use. Of course, this is not the most comprehensive list people searching in Connecticut but it should get you well on your way.

Most people start their people searching with the idea that they will find one site that will contain ALL of the information of the person they are looking for yet that is not the case. You will have to go through a couple of sites and review some sources in search.

This is because no publicly available website contains all information about people. So if you do not have the time to literally search for someone in Connecticut then consider hiring a Private Investigator.

Otherwise, let’s dive into our top list below.

1. Free Connecticut White Pages

The availability of white pages online has made it easy to find information on anyone from anywhere freely through the use of the internet. White pages site allows you to search with a name, number, and address. With a combination of these, you are on your way to finding results from them. Here are some you can try in Connecticut.

You can look up phone numbers, names, addresses, and more from the site by inputting your search information on the search box provided or picking a city from the listed to search from. Other search methods are covered on the site to help make your search experience more rewarding.

A search from here gives you access to six different Connecticut white pages and yellow pages.  Just select the city you want to search from, from the listed to begin your search from the site.

You can find people in Connecticut from this site too. Just enter the first name, city, last, and county and search.

The site’s white pages come in two formats. You can either view it online or in print format. The trouble with the printed version is that they may not be available for some places.

This site offers searches on Connecticut residential phone numbers. Searches include people search, reverse phone search, reverse email search, public records search, and others.

You can search for any individual in Connecticut from here by typing their name on the provided search box or by selecting the city you want to search from. It’s also possible to run background checks from the site.

This directory allows you to conduct people and business searches. There are links to a search on any Connecticut city.

The site offers a yellow pages search, white pages, area, and zip code search from multiple Connecticut directories.

2. Connecticut Government Directories

State governments keep records on their employees and they are made available for access. If the individual you are looking to find is a state employee in Connecticut, here is a list of some of the directories you can try for free Connecticut white pages.

A search from here will give results on the records of the government of Connecticut. These records include Municipal directories, Federal and Educational Directories, and other state resources.

You can search from this directory if the person you are looking to find is in South Windsor using the search box or picking the department they might be under.

The largest city has its staff directory that is accessible to the public with numerous links to its different departments.

Records on this town are accessible from the departments which are listed in alphabetical order on the site.

For a list of Connecticut State Agencies, this is the ideal place.

This site has information on the state government as well as state agencies.

For a list of charitable organizations committed to the Connecticut community, you can search from here.

  1. City of Meriden

You can find the city’s different departments listed on the site.

3. University Directories

With over 40 collect and universities in Connecticut enrolling about 130 000 students, there is no reason why you wouldn’t give yourself some time to check out the white pages in these institutions.

As well, if the person you are looking for is not currently enrolled in an institution, chances are they are alumni and most universities do have an alumni directory. Let’s review some examples of these university white pages in Connecticut (CT).

The directory offers searches with a name, phone number, email, and NetID. There are other links to other types of Directories for a comprehensive search.

You can search from their faculty stuff directory using a name, department, location, and also email from the search box provided.

This directory permits searches with keywords and departments. There are also profiles on the university’s staff that you are worth checking out.

Possible search options include searches from the directory (with name, phone number, and department), browsing alphabetically, and browse by department and print directory.

With a name, last name, and department, you are on your way to the information on your search from this site.

Trinity College does offer people searches with just a name, last name, and middle name.

For a list of the campus directories on the University of Connecticut, you can find them here.

If there is any information online on the person you are looking for, it is bound to be on any of these directories. They are a reliable source for free Connecticut white pages..

4. Connecticut Public Records

Some free white pages source their information from public records. So we recommend that you go straight to the source and look up some free public records in Connecticut. Below is a list of some of the best to get you started.

Searches can be conducted on the search box or through the links on the type of records available.

This site offers varying free searches and premium searches from various records on the state of Connecticut.

The site offers searches from public records, vital records, community and safety records, criminal and court records, and much more.

For updated online public and criminal records, this is the place.

5. Other People Finder Options

If all of the above recommendations for not work, then consider hiring a private investigator. This will come at a fee but will be a painless process for you. There are several private investigators in Connecticut, simply Google and use the reviews to find the best.

Optionally you can search for people in Connecticut by using other totally free people search sites and ideas. FOr example, you can use Google people search, Facebook people search, Yahoo people search to name a few. See more information on how to find people free of charge online.

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