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You can use the white pages to find information on people for free online. This article is aimed at giving you the best free white pages California has to offer. Basically, you will be able to access  places and methods you can apply on a free white pages search online in California.

Passionately known as the wild, wild, west or the Golden State, California is home to 39.5 million people and is the most populated state in the US. The county of Los Angeles is the country’s most populated county. Sacramento is California State’s Capital but Los Angeles is the most populous city in California.

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The San Francisco Bay Area, together with the Greater Los Angeles Areas, are highly regarded as hubs of technology and entertainment worldwide. Thus internet usage is very high in the state with 90% of the states households having access. With such internet usage, it makes attempts to locate someone a lot convenient. See below our best totally free people search sites

University Directories

If you have information on the name of Tertiary institution the person attended, then you can try searching from that directory. Below are some of the prominent Universities and Colleges from the State of California.

California University of Pennsylvania

You can lookup someone from the University’s directory totally free. By filling the search fields provided on the site, you are on your way to finding information on anyone, including staff, from here.

University of California

Established in 1869 now with more than 2 million alumni living and working around the globe, the University of California do offer people searches. Their search box allows you to search with a name, last name, department and title.

Berkeley University of California

You can search for someone from the University’s Campus Directory with a name phone number and more.

Stanford University

Opened in 1891 currently with more than 16 400 students in more than 2200 faculties, you surely can locate them all from their directory. You will need to log in for a complete view of the directory though.

California State University

This University is the largest public university in the state with 23 campuses, 8 off campus centers, and more than 484 000students. All the different campuses have their own directories. You can find a list of them on Campus Personnel Locators.

Other Tertiary Institutions

You can find a list of other Universities and Colleges from here.

Local Government Directories

Some of the best free white pages California has to offer can be found on local governemnt directories. Personal records like birth, death, marriage, divorce records with government records, property tax records, crime data, court records, all have been made accessible to the public by the laws of the United States. The government directories are a source of great free white pages data in California that is accessible to you.

California Online Directory

This directory gives access to information on state employees, local government and the general public. You can search with the “State Entities” option or the “Employees” option for information on the site.

State Agency Listing

If you are familiar with the government agency where the person you are looking for is, then this is your option.

California State Public Records Online

You can search by keyword or choose a department that you want to search from here.

Public Records Justice

This site offers searches to public records mostly from the department of justice.

Public Libraries

It’s possible to find information on birth, death, marriage, divorce, criminal records from this site.

Public Records Search Systems

There are free and premium searches on this site. You can search with a name or category for result from any county or city in California.

California Online Genealogy Records

If you are looking to trace your background, the California Online Genealogy Records is the right place for you.

Public Records Online

You can search by name, federal, state, county, city, town or type of record for results from here.

White Pages Sites

The California White Pages Phonebook

You can try to locate someone on this site to find their phone numbers, addresses and other details. You can also use the “Find City free White Pages California” from this site. Methods and ideas for a search are also covered to help you have a productive search.


This site offers searches using a name, phone number, address to find information.

Verizon White Pages

You can access Verizon Pages online as well as have a hard copy printed and delivered to you.

Phone Lookup

You can search with a phone number, name or use the “California Phone Directory by City” or “Area Codes in California”.

Other White Pages Sites


50 States

Phone book of the World

The Yellow Pages

These are some of the best free white pages California has to offer. You can try out for a totally free white pages search in California. There are a number of categories you can try with different databases making your search richer.

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