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If you are looking for a way to find someone in New Jersey then this free white pages NJ page will help you with just that. In addition to the totally free people search sites list, below is a list of our top recommended resources for your NJ people search. We recommend that you try them all out because no one person finder has all the population of New Jersey in their database.  new jersey

Search White Pages By New Jersey Cities

Free White pages for NJ

We also do not claim to offer the ultimate resource list but we are confident that this is one of the best you will find out there. We have gone deeper than what you will often find on the first pages of search engines like Google. 

  • Yourmail – This is a white Pages NJ Reverse Lookup for phone numbers. So you simply enter the phone number of the person or business you are trying to find and the results will be details like name and last plus street address for personal searches and business name, category and location for a business search. Of course you would first need to make sure that the number is from New jersey. Popular New Jersey phone numbers have area codes of 732, 609, 848, 856, 908, and 862.
  • NJ state white pages: If the person you are looking for is employed by the state of new jersey then consider using this page to search and find their contact details simply enter their last name and frist name and hit the search button. The results will return the department, agency and phone number.
  • Verizon White Pages – This page ultimately leads you to via So you can use this white pages print directory online to search for the person you are looking for. So yes Verizon white pages is those two in one.
  • Onlinsearches – This website offers an option to search by name andn sate. There is also an option to select specific county & choose the type of source e.g. public records, bar associations, business licenses, permits, records and more
  • PhoneLookup – you can use to find people in New Jersey. Simply enter the name, last name, zip code and hit search. 
  • YPeek – powered by, this site allows you to choose any of the cities of  NJ and search the NJ white pages free from there. 

New Jersey Campus Directories 

If the person you are trying to find has attended a college or university in New Jersey then it’s a great idea to lookup a directory for that particular University they were enrolled in.  Do note however that the details provided tend to be contact info from within the campus.  Most come with a very simplified search form, which has an ‘advanced’ option link. The basic search only requires the name while the advanced options allowed you to enter either an email and or department.  They generally come with the person’s full name, preferred phone, official phone, location within the campus.

List of New Jersey College & University White Pages 

Below is a sample list of universities and colleges you can do your totally free white pages NJ people search from. 

If you do not find the university or college where the person you are looking for is enrolled or is an alumni then you can go to Google and search for it. When searching you must remember to add the name of the university + people + directory + NJ. These 4 words will populate  a list of the best free white pages in New Jersey has to offer.  

List of Cities, Counties,Township & Government Agencies 

Another option is to lookup the person from workplace directories available online. If you know where the person works or lives, try to look up their company or area to see they have a phone book directory or white pages. Below is a short list of organisations that allow you to search their team database. 

If you would like to learn more about people searching, check out How to find someone free of charge.

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