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The introduction of the internet has not only improved our communication process but also the access of information. You can now go online and find all kinds of information an individual free of charge. This article is aimed at giving some of the best free white pages Texas that you can use to find someone. 

Texas, being the second most populated state in the United States (about 29 million people) with 254 counties and major cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin; you might be wondering, how in the world you will be able to find someone in the state. Well, 74% of Texas population has access to high speed internet which shows that the state is internet savvy.  

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There are countless sources of information online dedicated to giving information on to the public. The options listed below are directories that are solely dedicated to making it easy for you to find information on people with ease from constantly updated databases. Here are some of the five major types of Directories available with examples of sites that you can try. 

Texas White Pages 

Since the white pages hard copies production became absolute, there have been a number of directories that have been providing the free white pages searches online in every state in the country. Here are some that you can try for a free search in Texas. 

The Texas White Pages Phonebook 

Searches available from here include searches with a name, phone number, address. You can also search by city from the directory. 

Phonebook of the World

The site offers searches from hotel pages, yellow pages, white pages and Google pages from the state of Texas. 

The Real Yellow Pages

With a first name and last name or a phone number with zip code or city code, you are on your way to all data available on your search term from this site. You can also plane an order for their directories.

Verizon White Pages

Verizon White Pages are available in print format and online. Print formats are available upon request.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

If you are looking to search for information past Texas telephone Directories, this is one stop not to be missed. You can do a walk in, call or email your request. 

Texas Public Records

Public records have been made accessible to the public by the laws of the country. These include birth, marriage, divorce, court, death records among them. Below are a number of databases that you can reach out to for public records in Texas online. They qualify for a free white pages search Texas.

Search Systems

You can search from here for criminal records, court records, vital records and more.

Texas Free Public Records Directory

Searches can be conducted with a name or by choosing a category on the site for records like court records, property records, vital records and other types of records. 

State Records Texas

You will have instant access to Texas State, county and municipal records from this site with a name and city. 

Public Court Records

This is an ideal stop if you are looking to search for public court records in Texas. 

There are also records by county that are offered on Texas counties like the county of El Paso, Nueces, Harris, Bexar and Denton to name but a few. 

Government Directories

The states governments keep records on their employees and are available to the public to access. So if the individual you are looking to find is a state employee, this option is highly recommended. These are examples of totally free people search sites you can find online. 

The Texas State Directory has been a source of information on the state, counties and officials for more than 80 years. You can find their online directory index here. The directory is regarded as the most comprehensive guide to information of the government of Texas. 

Other government directories include, the Texas Tribune (elected officials directory), Capitol Complex Telephone Systems (with links to all agencies and departments in Texas), State Local Government (access to websites of thousands of state agencies and county and city government).

There are also counties that offer search directories like the El Paso, Smith, Missouri, Nueces, Bexar, Henderson, Montgomery, Liberty, Crane and Erath County to name but a few.

 The Texas County Directory on the other hand, offers updated information on all Texas Counties including state agencies and their vendors that they are in business with. To get hold of it, you might need to place an order. 

The Texas Counties are also listed here alphabetically if you are looking to search from one. If you are looking to search from a city state directory, then you can try here.

University Directories

The Texas State University Campus Directory is the most comprehensive way to find someone from the university’s staff, faculty, students and departments. 

The University of Texas has a system whereby you can search from its 14 institutions from one directory for information on staff, faculty and students. 

Baylor University also offers people searches online with their faculty, staff, student and public directories. 

Southwestern University offers name searches on faculty and staff on their directory. Campus community members can search for students with the provided link on the site. 

You can search by name, department, or job title for information from the University of Houston Campus Directory.

The Texas Christian University has a directory listed in alphabetical order. You can choose the category that is relevant to your search.

College directories include Texas College, Austin College, Central Texas College, Southern Texas College, Western Texas College to name but a few. For a list of all the Universities and Colleges in Texas you can come here

Other Options

If the person you are looking for proves to be impossible to find with the above recommendations, you might try to use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter for your search. Type the name on the sites search bar and search. It helps to narrow down your search results if you include middle name, state, county or city. If these also yield no results, your other option might be to hire a private investigator.

The records from these directories are extensive and as well as the options. For a totally free white pages search Texas, you can try them as they cover different angles on how to find information on someone online. 


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