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White pages are one of the most reliable sources when it comes to finding information on anyone online free of charge. There are a number of sites dedicated to helping people in finding the latest details on anyone with constantly updated information. This article aims at discussing those sites dedicated to the best free white pages Florida has to offer.  

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Florida  White Pages 

Most white pages sites allow searches with a name, phone number, business and address for free. So when conducting a search, it is advised that you gather all information you have on the individual as they might come in handy on your search. Take for example, information on employment details. You can use that information to find the address of that business and contact details online. The white pages sites that can help you achieve all this are listed below.

Florida White Pages

With a name, phone number, address, you can find information on free  Florida White Pages on people from Florida. Just click on the search option that relates to the search details you have, enter them and search. The State has already been selected for you.

Another option on the site is the “Find City White Pages  Florida”. You can use this option if you are familiar with the city that the individual you are looking for is in. This will help make your search results more precise. The site also covers on information on how best to use the site for a productive search. 


Search from a database that has information on more than 275 million people with data that is constantly updated. The site allows you to search with a name to find phone numbers and addresses and other details available on the site on the individual. 

They also allow you to search using a city if you are familiar with it. 


This is another site that allows you to search with a name address, zip code and phone number. They also offer premium searches.

 A premium search lets you run a full background on someone bringing back results like court records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce records, criminal records, voting records and other details. 

The Yellow Pages

With a name, phone number, address, business name, you can find information for free on the Yellow Pages. Just pick the search option that requires the information you have for a search. You will also need to fill in the city, zip code and state details. 

The site also offers ways on how to get the most from a search on their site that is worth checking out. This includes information on how you can search with a zip code and area code plus the results from such a search.

Verizon White Pages

You can look up a name or phone number from Verizon White Pages. Reverse searches are no longer offered on this site but they do provide a print version of the directory. All you need to do is place an order to access a directory that provides free white pages in Florida.

Public Records

There are public records that are offered in every State that you can use for people searches. The State of Florida is no different as it offers such services. Public records tend to offer more results than regular people search sites so we will look at a few in Florida.

Florida Residents Directory

The Florida Residents Directory is a good example. It offers two types of searches. You can search with a first and last name from their directory using their search box, or use the “Find people by last name” option. When using the second option, from the list alphabets provided (a –z), select the first letter of the last name of the person you are looking up. 

Pub Records

This site offers numerous search options to pick from. You can start by using their search box if you have the first, middle and last name plus state of the individual you are looking for. You can find peoples addresses and phone numbers from the site. Other available options include Florida State People Locator, Florida Resident Name and Address Finder, Locate Florida’s Registered Business Owners Information, Florida State Employees Directory to name them. 

You can also search using the County option. In fact, the options for a people search on the site are infinite and are worth checking out. 

State Of Florida

This site allows you to search by topic (a – z) to lookup the information you want. So if you know the topic you are looking for, this is one way you can try out. This is not a common option among search sites though but worth exploring. 

The other option, which is more common among free white pages Florida, is whereby you search from types of records. These ranges from Florida Criminal Records, Florida Marriage Records to Florida Court Records, Florida Death Records and Florida Divorce Records and more.

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