How to Find Someone on Okcupid

Last Updated on October 1, 2021

Dating has taken a turn since the introduction of dating apps and sites. These sites and apps come with different features themselves hence the need to find out how they operate. This article discusses ways on how to find someone on Okcupid, one of the dating sites.

It is one of the characteristics of social media sites to offer social media search activities on their platforms. This article will try to show how such an activity can be performed on Okcupid.

What is Okcupid?


Okcupid is an internationally recognized online dating site that is based in the U.S. Matches on the site are made based on what kind of person you are and what your interests are. The site lets users meet new people who are looking to find love.

Okcupid used to support a number of communication modes but now only supports messaging. Initially launched in January 2004, Okcupid reported a 23.4 % decline in active users in the midst of the Corona Virus in 2020.

How Do I Find Friends on Okcupid?

Okcupid used to offer searches using a username. Due to new privacy methods adopted, this is no longer the case. There are other methods one can implement in order to find friends on Okcupid though. Whether you are looking to locate lost love, past match or a cheating partner, you can try these methods.

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Search for Someone on Okcupid with Username on PC

Despite the fact that Okcupid no longer offer searches with a username, there are other ways to search with it online.

To search with a Username on Okcupid on PC:

  • Go your web browser.
  • Enter the following URL,[username] on the browser address bar.
  • Replace ‘Username’ with the username of the person you are looking to find.
  • Press ‘Enter’ on your PC.
  • If the person’s profile is available on Okcupid, it will show up.

There is another way to search on Okcupid with a username on PC.

  • Log into Okcupid.
  • Click on your profile thumbnail on the top right corner.
  • From the drop down men, select ‘Find User’.
  • On the white box written ‘Search by Name’, enter the user name.
  • The person’s profile will show up.

Search for Someone on Okcupid with Username on Phone

There is a way to search on your phone with a username on Okcupid. This search is a bit trickier though but not impossible.

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To search with a username on Okcupid on mobile phone:

  • Log in to Okcupid app.
  • Go to your browser and enter the URL
  • The username box will show up where you can enter the name of the person you are looking to find.
  • The person’s profile will be then revealed to you.

These are some of the tips you can use on how to find someone on Okcupid online. People search activities are possible on the site despite its lack of a search feature for users.


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