How to Find a Long Lost Friend for Free

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

As we go through life, we tend to lose touch with friends and family for a number of reasons such as relocating, losing their contact details and so on. This article will discuss ways on how to find a long lost friend for free online easily.

Friendship is one of the best things that we cherish in life and losing touch with a true friend is indeed a sad experience. If you are looking for ways to reconnect with a long lost friend using online methods, then this article is for you. You can also use these ideas to locate colleagues and relatives online.


This article will consider one method on how to find someone online for free that you can use, which is making yourself discoverable. This may not be the only method but it is one sure way to locate someone on the internet free of charge. This will play a major part as it might happen that the other person is also looking for you.

Leaving information online to follow might be a recommended alternative. The question then would be how do you make yourself discoverable online? The following ideas will help answer that.

Start a Blog

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Blogging is one way you can use to make yourself discoverable to whoever is looking to find you. To start a blog, you can visit or All you will need to provide is your name, email address, blog name and your log in password to get started. Make sure that the blog name is a name that your friend my use to find you online.

Sign up on Social Media Websites

A large number of people have sign up to social media websites where they interact with each other. These social media sites normally offer social media lookup options on their users. This makes them an ideal platform as you look for ways on how to find a long lost friend for free. Signing in on them is mostly free. Examples of such platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram and more.

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It is advisable to include information that your friend will easily remember or is familiar with about you when creating a profile on these platforms.

Post on Forums

Forums can also be used to find friends for free online. This can be done by posting messages on them. These should be forums that discuss what your friend likes or enjoy. They should also be forums that are based on what you like and enjoy too.  This is because, your friend might try to look for you on forums based on what you like.

Article Writing and Submission

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This is a service commonly utilized by online marketers looking to promote their websites. Article writing and submission can be achieved through developing articles on the topic about the site and publishing it on article directories. The directories then sent the article to thousands of their affiliates through syndication.

These articles can be utilized by anyone under the condition that they are not to be tempered with or modified.

To find a long lost friend for free online using this method, you will need to develop articles that might appeal to your friend. You will then have to add your name in the bio section of that piece of writing.

Using top article directories like can help guarantee that your written material will show up on top on search engines when a person is looking for related information.

This will give you a chance if your friend searches for that information online. The more articles submitted the more chances you stand that your friend will come across them and find you online.

These are some of the ideas you can try on how to find a long lost friend for free. It may not be the only one but will give you a chance to a positive result as you try to find people for free online.


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