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Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Verizon White Pages is an online directory service that provides a quick and easy way to find people and do a phone number lookup across the United States. This directory service is a product of Verizon: the second largest telecommunication company in the United States. It was established in the year 2000 and now it is one of the most reliable wireless and fiber network providers in the U.S.

The company provides both and online and printed home directory option for online users and customers. Verizon used to publish nearly 1,200 phone directory titles in 46 states with a total circulation of about 112 million. 

About Verizon White Pages

Since 2011, the company has reduced its delivery service for print directories and now they only provide it upon individual requests by customers. The company took this step considering the growing popularity and usage of wireless internet devices and the proliferation of online search as opposed to printed white pages.

They also considered the fact that it’s more eco-friendly to discontinue the use of paper printed white pages. They claim that by ending their paper directory service, they’re contributing towards the global efforts to conserve natural resources by saving trees and limiting the energy resources used in creating physical paper directories.

If, however, you still need the residential paper directory or the same directory as a CD, you can request it by calling (800) 888-8448 

The Verizon White Pages website no longer has the Reverse Lookup option but you can still search via phone number. They’ve also made it easier to opt out of the delivery of printed directory by following this URL.

How To Use This Online Directory?

The procedure to use this website is similar to the procedure you follow to search any other online directory. First, you will have to make a user account by providing basic information such as name, home/business address, domain of business, phone number, etc.

After registering yourself on the website, you can use this directory service to search people, places and business across the United States. 

Is it reliable?

The Verizon phone directory service has had many credibility issues over the years. In 2005 a thorough investigation was commissioned by the State Corporation Commission in response to complaints regarding mistakes in phone number entries. The findings of the investigation showed that there were a significant proportion of errors and omissions in the directories. 

Before that, the company was obliged to reprint 83,000 directories due to excessive errors. Additionally, the company has been facing issues related to misprinting and exclusion of important information such as non-emergency numbers for local police and fire departments.

These mistakes had created concerns about reliability of the directory service and spoke of the corresponding decline of its number of users and subscribers that Verizon has faced in the past. 

However, these mistakes happened in the past and don’t truly reflect the credibility of the free White Pages and where it currently stands. They’ve been improving their level of service in recent years as Verizon has slowly built its credibility back up thanks to timely decisions by upper management.

It’s still a good option to use Verizon White Pages for your local searches as it is trusted by many people for local searches across the country. The service is still operational, but on a limited scale than before.

In case of any complaints or reservations about the information available on Verizon White Pages, you can always countercheck it with the other directory services or contact the concerned authorities for verification.



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