People Searches in Holland

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People Searches in Holland

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

With information like a name, telephone number and street address, you can conduct an absolutely free people search, no credit card required in Holland. It would be an advantage if you are familiar with the Dutch language as some sites offer their instructions on the language. In this website, we will help you find out how to find someone free of charge specifically in Holland. 

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This article will give you the sites which offer an international country search in the Netherlands. It will also give the steps to follow when conducting your search in all the mentioned sites. People searches differ from site to site and so are the data found on them. So these searches might need you to invest time to maximize the value of your search experience.

White Pages

You can find people, hotels as well as companies with the WhitePages in Netherlands. Just enter you search details on their search bar and search. There is also a link to a search on Facebook from the site. To search for residential phone numbers you will have to try looking up from However, the instructions on the site are in Dutch. Nevertheless, this is one way to a totally free people search in Holland that you can opt for online.

Free Business Searches in the Netherlands

You can search for any business in the Netherlands from the yellowpages. Just enter the search details on their search bar and search.

Search for People Search on Infobel for Free

Infobel will let do both business and people searches free of charge on the internet. To search for business, enter the name or type of business on the “what?”, “who?” box then the city or postal code. Street address is optional for your business search. You can also check or update information on your company to be published on Infobel at no cost.

To perform a name search, type in the last name on the “name” box and the first name on the “first name” then the location (city, postal code) on the “where” box.

Other Free People Search Options

Other searches are available from Again the search instructions need that you be familiar with the Dutch language. If you are looking to search for your history or family ancestors from the Netherlands, you can try looking up from MyHeritage. You can search from Public Records to Alumni Records from the site.

I hope these examples are enough to help you conduct that totally free people search in Holland that you are looking for. Even though some of the sites come with instructions in Dutch, there are others with English instructions to try out.


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