How To Find Someone Living In Greece

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How To Find Someone Living In Greece

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

Like an international people search, there are a few general people search and local ideas you can apply when trying to find an answer to the question, how to find someone living in Greece.

This guide will help you locate friends and relatives living in Greece, be it to search people in Athens Greece, in Kalamata, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Patras or even  on anywhere. You can also use this guide to find people you lost track with a long time ago or some people you met in Greece during your vacation.

Whatever the reason whether it be looking for a kalamata Greece phone book, Athens phone directory or anything else, the information contained in this how-to article will be of great benefit to you. Take a few minutes to read our top 5 tips on how to find people living in Greece below.

Is it even possible to find someone in Greece?

Well let’s look at the numbers first. Greece has about 10 million inhabitants with more than 70% of the population using the internet. This makes it hopeful to find people in Greece via the internet because it shows that a high number of the population is online.

However this does not mean that every one of those users share their personal information online for anyone to search and find them. For example, only about 5 million or about 50% of the population is on Facebook, which means about 30% of Greece internet users are not so keen with social networking and by inference, sharing their personal information online.

Knowing how to find someone living in Greece is pretty much similar to any people search only that you need to know the absolutely free white pages and free people search sites you can use.

Such searches are available from a number of sites online. You can find them in both the English and Greek languages. This is important to note because chances are you do not read or speak Greek. When you come across sites written in Greek, do not run but simply use Google translate to translate the page to English or a language you can understand.

 The free people searches that you can perform on these Greek pages include name searches, reverse phone number lookup, address searches and business searches.

We have taken the time to search the internet for the best information on how to search for a person in Greece and websites you can use. See below for our top recommended ones.

1. Phone numbers and addresses of Greece – 11880 Greece

11880 Greece is a 24 hours service you can use to make directory inquiries. This service claims to contain all phone numbers and addresses of Greece. All you have to do is give them a call and give them details of what you know about the person you are looking for in Greece and they will do a people search in Greece by name, by address or whatever you may know.

They offer an unlimited number of questions per phone call, an ability to send the desired information by SMS text message, direct connection to the desired number (call completion). You can try out 11880 White pages Greece right away & .

 2. Official OTE White Pages Greece – 11888 GIAOLA

 This  site is essentially a personal assistant to whatever you are looking for in Greece. It goes beyond people searching to help with you with anything you may need. It is the official OTE Directory, the best International Whitepages Greece has to offer to facilitate your international people search.

In our effort to find people in Greece, you can use it to search for people especially reverse number search here. You simply enter the number in the search (Ψάχνω ) field (στην) then click ΑΝΑΖΗΤΗΣΗ to search.

 As mentioned it is the official Greek white pages and Greek telephone numbers directory by OTE, which is the Hellenic Telecommunications organization S.A. and is available by calling the number 11888 and on the website. These are known as the business in helping you do Greek  business phone number lookup on top everything else they do.       

3. Greece people directory – 

To access the Greece people directory, you can visit Search People Directory. You can search from the Greek Phonebook as well as do email searches on the page. On this site you can find someone in Greece with the free white pages phone book where you can search people by last name or email address lookup. It is basically offers the conventional way of people searching online.

4. Greek Yellowpages –

There is one obvious way to answer the question; how to find someone living in Greece – You can do business searches from the Greek Yellow Pages. To search on the Greek Yellow Pages you need to provide either the category, product or company name on the “what?” search box.

You will then need to enter the location on the “where?” search box. There are also links to the different categories of the types of searches you can conduct from the Yellow Pages in Greece.

5. Find People in Greece using – Losttrekkers

You can search for a person or find out who is searching for you on Lost Trekkers. To find who is looking for you in Greece just go through the ads posted by others on the site and see if your name is in there. To search for someone in Greece on Lost Trekkers, enter a name in their search box and press “search”.

6. Greek address finder –

While I am fully aware that our promise on this site is to help you find people in Greece at no charge, allow me the opportunity to offer this paid service (not a promotional link) for those who might really be that desperate. The website is called and they offer a people search service here

7. Absolutely Free White Pages in Greece – Whitepages in Greece

If you are still struggling with locating the person using the above recommended sites then it won’t hurt checking out this Greek white pages free website. It is essentially a portal to websites that have information and tools on how to search for people in Greece. You can also try out the search tool available on the site.

Interestingly it also has links to local cities phone directories through the website. They provide reference, Phone Book of, Phone Book of as well as Phone Book of

8. List of people living in Greece sorted by address –

You can use this this Greece locate family website, to find lists of people sorted by address. With more than 350 million people listed,  it is one of the best international people finder sites to help you locate anyone in the world.

When you go to the site you will find more than 4 million people living in Greece displayed over 70,000 pages. They offer the person’s residential address, absolutely free phone number and a way to leave a message for the person you are trying to find.

You can try out the search feature by simply entering the person’s name on the search bar. If your are sure the whereabouts of the person you are trying to look for is items of city e.g.  White pages Thessaloniki Greece, then half your job is done.

9. Professional Greece Tracing Agents – Tracing agents

This is a UK based service that can help you trace anyone in Greece. Note that this is a paid service and consider using it if all the free methods recommended above yield not tangible results.

The service has been around for more than a decade and if the information provided on their website is anything to go by, then they are worth your time and possibly money. They can assist you if you are looking to find people in Greece who are missing or that have lost touch with, friends, family or possibly a debtor who owes money. So essentially this service is great for both individuals and businesses

10. Private investigation service in Greece – WPEinvestigations

When you have exhausted all the free people search in Greece options offered here, you might as well consider paying  a private investigator to do it for you. Of course this depends on how desperately you are with locating the person or people. If you are a business trying to find a missing person who has disappeared because of an unpaid debt or looking for a long lost family relative or lover then this service is the right one for you.

WPE investigations have come up as one of the best alternatives for your Greek people search. They can assist with services involving debtors, separated partners, beneficiaries for inheritance and birth parents of those adopted at birth. The one reason we recommend them is that they are actually located in Athens Greece.

As a bonus reference you also try out a Greece phone number reverse search here. There are more guides to help you find out how to find someone free of charge online on this website. Do take the time to check them out as well.

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