Wisconsin White Pages

There are more than 5.8 million people living in the state of Wisconsin. This article is aimed at assisting you find information on one individual from them using free white pages Wisconsin.

Whether you want to search from its prominent cities like Milwaukee, Madison (capital), Wisconsin Dells, Green Bay or Appleton, there are options available. 

Internet usage in the state is very high as 83 % of the population of Wisconsin uses it. This makes it highly possible that a lot of data on its residents are available online. 


Free white pages information available online may not come as the ultimate solution or the ultimate guarantee to a people search but and if a search does not pen out then you might consider options like paid sites or even the services of a private investigator. But before getting there, let’s look at the options you have for a free white pages search in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin White Pages

If you have a name, phone number, address and want to find information on it, then free white pages directories are a good first start. 

The Wisconsin White Pages Phonebook

You can search this online phonebook to find phone numbers, addresses and other details but using the search box provided on the site. There are also links to cities white pages on the site if you are aware of what city to search from.

Wisconsin Yellow Pages

Searches offered on the site include name search, phone number lookup, address search. There are also very productive tips on how to best find positive results from your search available here. 

Frontier Online Directories

There are two types of formats offered by this directory. These are the online white pages format and the print phone directory. 

Ancestry Telephone Directory

This is home to extensive telephone directories and is a good database if you are looking to family who has drifted apart. 

50 States

The site offers a simple search with a name, last name, city and state (Wisconsin). There are also links to other sites that offer background checks. 

Other directories to try include addresses, white yellow pages, phone lookup and people search site to name but a few.

Wisconsin Government Directories

If the person you are looking to finds is a government employee then this option is definitely one you should try. Government directories are a choice worth considering for free white pages Wisconsin.

State of Wisconsin Employee Telephone and Email Directory

By filling in the search box on the directory you are on your way to information on government employees in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Government Agencies

You search with the search box provided here or contact the state agencies offices within the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin State Library

There are numerous links on the site which leads you the different types of records. Choose one that is close to your search. 

There are also government directories from counties that you can look up from like Racine County, Eau Clare County, Portage County, Brown County, Dane County and Sheboygan County among them.

Wisconsin Public records

If you are looking to find information like birth, death, marriage, divorce, criminal, court, and property records on someone, then public records directories are your choice of destination. Public records are examples of totally free people search sites.

Wisconsin Public Records Directory

The types of search methods available on this directory are limitless. It is high recommended that you try as many as possible before moving on.

Search Systems

You can search court records, criminal records, and vital records from here. You can either use their search box or pick a link to a type of record you want to search from.

Wisconsin State Law Library

For court records, public records, marriage, birth, death, divorce records, this is one place to consider visiting.

Wisconsin State Records

This site offer instant access to Wisconsin state, county and municipal records in an instant.

Telephone Books and City Directories

Find cities’ streets, businesses, organizations, institutions found in Wisconsin from here. 

Wisconsin University Directories

Universities do have directories that are available to the public for a search on their students, staff faculty and more. 

University of Wisconsin

The university has numerous campuses across the state which all keeps their own directory. You can find all of those campuses here

Concordia University Wisconsin

Searches from the Concordia University are performed with a name or you can just choose a department you want to search from.

Great Lakes Bio Energy

The research center offers searches with a name or you can just browse through the listed individuals on the site for the person you are looking to find. 

Lawrence University

The university offers searches through their find service link.

Colleges in Wisconsin do also offer people search directories. Examples of these are Carthage College, Edgewood College, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Madison Area Technical College and plenty more.

Wisconsin People Search

Facebook is a good example of a search destination as a large number of the world’s population is on its platform. Twitter is another example together with LinkedIn. A simple Google search might not be ignore as this is the most powerful search engine in the world.

Who knows what a simple search on it might bring forth. If all this fails, paid sites or a private investigator might be the route to follow.

These are the options one has on free white pages Wisconsin. Try them and see what results they bring back. Your search is bound to belong to one of these search terms.

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