How to find someone’s Address with IP Address

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

This article is part of a series, how to find someone’s address. We specially focus on how to find someone’s address with IP Address. Take a few minutes to read through this article and others that are available in this series.

Sometimes you do not have any phone number or information of social media account of someone and still, you need finding his address. One option, under such circumstances, you can adopt is the use of this person’s IP address to look up his address and other contact details.

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Looking up a physical location given an IP address has many purposes. For marketing professionals, it aims to tailor-fit campaigns to customers. For cybersecurity professionals, it is meant to protect the integrity of their websites and businesses against cyber threats.

In this article, you will be given basic information about how to use the IP address to locate people across the globe.

There are services on the internet that return information about an IP address. An IP address is a short form of Internet Protocol Address and it is a number used to identify a device connected to a TCP/IP network like the internet.


The American Registry for Internet Numbers is one of the most reliable platforms to find someone’s address with IP Address. However, this service is country-specific as it organizes IP address assignments in the U.S. They provide a “who is” (often just referred to as whois, without space) search, which will look up the owner of an IP address or refer you to the equivalent service in another country if appropriate.

It is another online platform that includes a whois service that will look up both domain names and IP addresses, so you can see who owns them.

DomainTools has over 10 billion related DNS data points to build a map of ‘who’s doing what’ on the Internet. Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and leading security firms use this data as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and cybercrime forensics work.

So it is an investigation platform that brings the services together in a single web user interface. It is only available to enterprise users and has proven very useful in accelerating incident response and threat attribution efforts.

This online platform offers following services and some of them are free of cost.

  • Whois and Reverse Whois services
  • Whois History
  • Screenshot History
  • Hosting History
  • Reverse IP (patented)
  • Name Server Reports

There are two options available for the membership of this search directory: personal and enterprise. The latter is offered to those who need complete and unlimited access to their search engines, databases, and professional services.

This site will not only help you find someone’s address with IP Address but It is an interesting service that will also perform a whois lookup and return information about the IP address, including a map of where the service believes the IP address is located.

This online service was established 15 years ago. It has a global traffic rank of #810,747 in the world. It is a domain having a .com extension. This website is estimated worth of $ 1,440.00 and has a daily income of around $ 6.00.

It is another useful and free of cost online tool that you can use to search someone’s location via using his IP address.

All you have to do is to enter the correct IP address in the search bar and click on the ‘Get IP Details’ icon to get the required information.

Your IP address search will give you general details only about what is on the end of that IP address. Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • The ISP and organization’s name
  • The IP’s hostname
  • The country it’s in
  • The region/state
  • The city
  • The latitude and longitude of the location (the best guess)
  • The area code for that region
  • Any known services running on that IP


As it has become clear from the above-mentioned information on IP address free people finder tools, in all of these cases, and other similar services, the information retrieved is not about the current user of the IP address, but the owner of the IP address.

In other words, the information that you get relates only to the ISP or hosting company that has allocated that IP address to one of its customers. If this is not helping you find someone’s address with IP Address  then please check out the other ideas available in this series

In the case of attempts to determine location, the information is at best an approximation, and either represents the location of the ISP’s headquarters or the location of one of the ISP’s distribution points.

In a practical sense, it is never the location of the actual person who is using that IP address.



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