Different Ways to  use a College to Search for People Free of Cost On the Internet

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

Alumni free people finder sites are your best bet when it comes to finding our how to find someone free of charge by college. Other people search sites might do the job too but knowing someone’s college information makes the search more direct. Alumni sites happen to store records on high schools, colleges and universities. You can use them to find former classmates, old friends, old teachers and professors.

This reverse people lookup article will look at the alumni sites that can best give you what you want and the methods to go about your search. Alumni sites are not that much different from each other but a closer look at them will make the process a lot easier. Let’s take a look at your options.

Free College Searches on Reunion

Searching from Reunion will help you find your former classmates, teachers and professors. This site has merged with MyLife.com to make a really comprehensive search site. There are three ways to go about a search on the site. You select the city where the college might be located in or search by state or use the search bar on the site.

To search by city, click on the city. You will be given all schools available in that city to select from. To search by state, you will need to select the state you want to search from. You will be taken to all the cities in that state. Choose the one the school, college or university you are looking for is located in. You will then select the school you want to search from out of the list that you will be given.

Class Report Free Alumni Searches 

ClassReport.org will allow you to access “Class Reunion Websites” for every graduating class of every high school, with free access for all class members. It also provides searches from a number of institutions all over the world. Searching from here is exactly like in most alumni sites. You select the state, then the city which will give you the institution to choose from.

There are a number of other free people finder sites that will help you do a totally free people search by college on PeopleSearchLinks.com. They come with little reviews and you can choose one that you think might work for you.

You can also try searching from Facebook search free. Facebook allows people to include their school and college information on their profiles. If a search from here produces a hit, you will not only find details on them but also have the ability to communicate with them. Results include photos, latest status updates, phone numbers, addresses, friends, relatives, job occupation and more; depending on profile information.

These options will assist you as you try to find people by college online. Try a number of them as there are no guarantees with them. One might not work but the other might give you just what you need. If all fails, try free whitepages




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