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How To Do A Background Check For Employment?

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

When hiring potential employees, you want to make sure to run a background check. More people lie on their resumes and during interviews than you think. It’s not a bad thing to trust a potential hire.

But you want to make sure you are taking every precaution. In short, the people you employ need to be trustworthy and capable of helping you. This is only possible when you run a background check. Still, you may not know the best ways to do a background check for employment.

background check

Running a totally free background check no credit card needed is not complicated. However, we will explain the process in more detail here. This way your hiring process can run more efficiently. In addition, we’ll introduce some great websites you can use for your check! They will help on how to find someone free of charge online.

Why Do You Need To Do A Background Check For Employment?

In truth, there are many reasons you want to run this type of check for employment. You need to vet future workers and verify their suitability for a job of course. But more than this, you should do a background check for the sake of safety.

When someone is going on a job interview, they are not going to tell you that they recently got out of jail. They are also unlikely to be forthcoming about any violence charges or recent misdemeanors. Potential employee’s past actions are not insignificant. In fact, they can be an indication of future behavior.

Really, you want to make smart hiring choices that don’t endanger workflow and security. This can be easily solved with a preventative measure. All you need to do is run a quick background check. This way you don’t endanger yourself and others.

How To Background Check Potential Employees?

Employers can run background checks in a few different ways. However, we suggest creating a protocol for this process. Know when you will run the check, what kind of background check will be used, and how it will affect hiring.

When you have a firm policy in place, you can explain it to employees and create a more balanced screening process. You also want to be fair about how you use a background check when hiring and a policy will help with this.

Complying with legal regulations is important too. Each state has different policies for running background checks. A bit of research can help you form your background check policy and will keep you out of trouble.

Once you know the laws surround this check, you will need to find a good company to do the background check on. There are a lot of options out there but we will be introducing some in the next section.

Afterwards, make sure to get written consent from anyone you are running a background check on. You need to obtain an employee’s social security and full name for the check. But this can only be done with their consent.

And finally, if something does pop up during the check, try to be fair and transparent. You don’t want to discriminate against someone solely due to their record. But you need to make the right decision for your workplace!

Best Websites To Do A Background Check For Employment:

  1. Checkr

We highly recommend using Checkr for your employee background check. This website is reliable and gets you results fast. This is a great company to use if you have a smaller business. And it follows regulations put in place by the federal government. The site is easy to use and even has a mobile interface.

  1. GoodHire

GoodHire is another great option for background checks during the hiring process. The price of their services is cheaper in comparison to other sites. But the quality is not diminished at all. You might have to wait a little longer for results. Still, GoodHire adheres to the requirements of the law and makes it simple to get to the information you need.

  1. IntelliCorp

The last website we will talk about is IntelliCorp. IntelliCorp offers the fastest background checks on the market. They are also priced in a reasonable range for employers. This company is known for its transparency and ethical commitment as well. So you won’t have to worry about breaking federal governance standards.


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