How To Find Someone In Jamaica

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How To Find Someone In Jamaica

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

A number of sites can make it possible for you to find someone in Jamaica. This could be your relative, long lost friend, colleagues and more.  After you are done reading you should be able to get the information you are looking for from these people country search sites recommended below.

The searches available from these sites include name searches, phone number searches, email lookups, business searches, genealogy searches and more, depending on the site of your choice. Let’s look at each  that offers searches 100% free people finder in Jamaica and find out what it has to offer.

Using the Jamaican White Pages

Using the Jamaican White Pages

The Jamaican White Pages will let you search with a name, do a free phone number lookup, address and business. To search with a name, you will need a name and location. The last name and location are important for a name search as they help narrow down a search.

Phone number searches only need the phone number to reveal the owner and their address. Address searches will need an address and location where you want to search from. This will give information like the occupant of that address with their phone number.

The free White Pages also offer Yellow Pages information through the business search it provides. You can look up any business in Jamaica by business name or business category. You will have to incorporate the location for your search.

Find Free Information with Lost Trekkers

There is also a number of alternative totally free people search sites like the examples below that you can use.

Free Information with Lost Trekkers

Lost Trekkers will make it possible to come into contact with people you have lost contact with despite the number of years. It could be friends, family or someone you are looking to find in the country. You can use this site to search or post an ad to find people for free. To be able to post an ad, you will need to register first. There are also tips that you can go through from the site which will make your search much easier. You will also find a link to a Facebook page which offers resources and information on a search from this site.

Try a Free Genealogy Search

Free Genealogy Search

You can do a genealogy lookup on Jamaican Family Search. There is history on the Jamaican and the West Indies people mostly before 1920. There are documents on property owners and military officials. There is also data on immigrants and slavery from this site.

Finding a person in Jamaica is possible from these sites. Take your time and explore them. Try as many searches as you can to find what you are looking for. After all, these searches are free.   

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  1. Simon Thompson

    Good morning I am looking a someone I lost contact with a few years now. His name is CPL Steve Daley. I know he works for the jamaica constabulary force. He is originally from Santa Cruze, St Elizabeth Jamaica. Please if anyone knows where he is based please contact me.

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