How to find People in Brazil

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How to find People in Brazil

Last Updated on September 3, 2021


Listed below are the different ways you can use to try and find people in Brazil. People are becoming more and more private and removing their digital traces from the internet which makes it harder to find someone that you may be looking for.

However, I am sure that at least one of the ideas suggested below will help you.

Use Linkedin

The most common ways to look for someone in Brazil for free is to try one of the many social media platforms available. One that I would strongly recommend is to try a LinkedIn Brazil search.

A majority of people now have LinkedIn profiles as they try and look for employment or get better jobs. Chances are that the person that you are looking for has a LinkedIn profile and you can find them there.

The reason I strongly recommended this search is because this is one platform where people have no choice but to use their actual names and surnames. The information that they list here has to be accurate and so if you know a lot of details about them then your search will more likely be successful.

Knowing where they attended college or University, some of their previous places of employment, date of birth, the professional qualification they hold, makes the search easier.

This is because of the possibility of people with the same names and surnames. Yeah with the name and surname you will eventually find them but then why waste time going a longer route when you can carry out a quick search for people in Brazil.

Other Social Media Networks

An alternative to LinkedIn would be the other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tik tok, Instagram, Reddit. On Facebook you can search for the person but the challenge is that some people use pseudonyms or nicknames or aliases. Actually this challenge extends right across the other media platforms mentioned above.

So try the name and surname search first, if that doesn’t work then you can search for people that you know could be possibly connected to your person. If you find someone that could be connected the person that you are looking for, then go through their friend list and check there.

Or you can even send the person a direct message and ask if they happen to know their whereabouts. You are likely to find at least one person that knows where they are or at least point you in the right direction.

There are also groups on Facebook that are now country specific, for example Buy and Sell groups, Gossip groups, Entertainment groups, you can post a message in a number of these groups asking if anyone might happen to know the person you are looking for and you might just get a hit.

Twitter has proven itself to be quite effective when you want to find people for free. To reach as large a number of people as possible, use the Hashtag of trending topics. You can go on Twitter, look at what’s trending in Brazil and tweet your person search and then add the hashtags.

Then anyone that will look up the trending topics for the day will most likely see it and might be able to help. It sounds like a long shot, but it usually has surprising results.

The ideas mentioned above for Facebook and Twitter can be applied to the other media platforms as well.

White Pages in Brazil

If you do not want to go the social media route then you can try the more formal and established ways to find someone free in Brazil. First option that I would recommend here is the white pages.

Again the advantage here is that there is no use of nicknames or aliases, if the person that you are looking for has a listed number then you will likely find them in the white pages. The number for the national directory is 102 but this can only be dialed from inside Brazil.

If you are outside Brazil then you can call +55 11 3056-8628 and ask them to help you with the phone number of the person you are trying to locate.

Again there are chances of people with similar names here. I would suggest taking all the possible numbers and trying each one, one by one.  If you happen to know the organization or the company they work for, then search for company phone number from the yellow pages. Or get the numbers of companies related to your person’s profession and narrow them down and make a shortlist of companies to call.

Brazil Government Search

This search is different from searching through Brazil civil and registration records. This search searches through the correspondence of various ministries with possibility that your person might be mentioned in one of them.

At one point or another our information will definitely end up in the database of one of ministries and this is also a good option you can use to look for someone for free in Brazil.

You will also find the phone numbers of various ministries and if you want you can call 1 or 2 to help you with your search. You can try The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or The ministry of Arts and Culture

Brazil civil and registration records

Off course you might be interested in searching for someone from a long time ago, tracing a family tree, or looking for family and relatives in Brazil. For this you can try a search through the Brazil civil and registration records.

This will give you access to birth, marriage and death records. With birth records in addition the information of the person you are looking for you will get information on their birth parents, their occupations and places of residence. So if you are able to find them first they might be able to help you locate the person.

Before I end this article on, how to find people in Brazil let me suggest that you try the Brazil Federal Revenue Authority. Anyone that is paying tax in Brazil will be registered with them and you are most likely also to get assistance from them if you are trying to find a person in San Paulo, Rio De Janeiro or El Salvador or any of the other cities.

Hopefully with one of these ideas you will score a hit with your people search, all the best and goodluck. You can find more information on international people search on this site.

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