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Can you Google search a Phone Number

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

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This article is part of a series on Google People search. In this part of the series we answer the question, can you Google search a phone number? So if you want to know how to Google a phone number, then you are in the right place. 

Its been a while since people have given up the use of phonebooks because of mobile phones. Nowadays, finding someone’s phone number is only a few clicks away if you have it saved on your phone. 

Besides, social media have developed communication technology so much that people rarely need a telephone number.

But telephone numbers have their own essentiality. Whether you need to make a business contact or you need to reach someone who’s not on any social platform, you need their telephone number in order to connect with them.

Manually searching someone’s phone number can take hours, and sometimes, a few days. But if you have an internet connection, the world is inside your fist. To be a little more specific, Google INC has made this possible to do a number search through their incredible search engine.

So how do you google a phone number exactly? let’s find out the five ways of finding telephone numbers through Google:

1. Using Name and Address

Whether it is unique or not, names are unlikely to produce a telephone number. Since there might be thousands of the same names or the same person with many online identities(social profile, business profile, etc.), it’s unlikely that you’ll find phone numbers.

Unless you find someone’s contact info directly through their name, you might end up wasting hours. However, combining phone numbers with addresses will instruct Google to bring out only pages with contact information.

mark wingo old georgia google search results

Note: cover names within an inverted comma


2. Include Zip Code

Zipcodes are tiny pieces of postal codes that are also likely to take you directly to contact pages. Since a zip code is a particular part of any address, the google search operator detects it as a request to display someone’s contact information.

So your search term should be: name+ZIP code for finding those contact info pages From one of those contact info pages(URL’s), You might find the phone number in no time.

3. Include “contact/about”(For business phone numbers)

Maybe you’re in search of a business phone number. Although the above methods will work for finding business phone numbers, there is a more natural way to search a phone number on Google with business details.

You may have noticed that most business websites, directory listings include the word contact/about mentioned at least once on the page. Since placing them between an inverted comma will bring out pages with both name and contact info, you might find the telephone number reasonably easily. 

So go ahead and type the “name of the business” + “Contact/About”.

Note: only use one term between contact and about.

4. Include Site Address

If you are fortunate enough, you might know a particular website where someone’s telephone number can be found. As usual, google support domain search to find an accurate result for a specific site. 

So if you know where someone can be found on the internet, head over to Google and search using this format: Site: + “name.

5. Search using people search engine websites

The above method will mostly work if you know someone who works for a company. Therefore, his/her contact info is listed on that website. But how to find someone who’s not listed on company websites?

Well, some people search engines have managed to enlist the personal details for a lot of people. If you don’t know what is a people search engine, it’s a kind of pubic directory. The people search engines collect people’s data from various sources and enable users to find personal details like telephone numbers and emails of people.

Since Google indexes these pages too, you can  search people directly using people search engines from Google. You can do this using the following syntax:

Site: + first name + last name

So that’s all for today. Hopefully, the above google search techniques will help you to find anyone. If you are still having difficulty, try using social media.

With all the information provided, the next time someone asks you the question, can you Google search a phone number, you know what to say or where to tell them to go.

If you already have a phone number at hand and want to know who it belongs to then check out free phone number lookup. You can also do reverse searches on free white pages.





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