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How to Find Someone on Snapchat

Last Updated on August 31, 2021

This article will look at how to find someone on Snapchat which is one platform that happen to enable the sharing of photos online. Sharing photos with friends, family and colleagues has never been easier and worthwhile since the introduction of social media. It is now possible to share happy moments with the rest of the world just by a simple click.

A search from Snapchat is one of the many Social Media Search activities you can perform online. It is one social media platforms that can be counted among people finders.

What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging app and service developed by Snap Inc, with principal features such as pictures and messages that do not last long but are available for a short time. Launched in July 2011, the American app was once a person to person photo sharing app but changed to featuring users ‘Stories’ for a limited 24 hour period after which they are not accessible.

Another upside to this app is its ability to offer plenty filters to enhance users’ posts such as hearts, animal ears, geotags and more.

Ways to Perform Snapchat People Searches

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There are methods and ways you can try out on how to find someone on Snapchat. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Search on Snapchat using Phone Contacts

You can try to find out if someone from your contacts is on Snapchat. To do so:

  • Open the Snapchat app on phone.
  • Tap on the profile icon on the top left hand corner of your screen.
  • Click on ‘Find Friends’ which will appear just below your profile information. This will allow you to sync your phone contacts with Snapchat.
  • The app will request from you to find your friends by syncing your contacts.
  • Click the continue button and then ‘OK’ after this. Now you are ready to find your friends on your contact list from Snapchat.

Search on Snapchat with a Username

It is possible to search for someone from Snapchat using a username. It might be someone you know but do not have on your contacts list or a celebrity that you might want to add. To search from Snapchat with a username:

  • Go to the app and launch it.
  • On the search bar, type the name of the person you are looking to find.
  • Results will return with the possible outcomes.
  • Pick the one you are looking for and use the ‘+ add’ function next to their name to add them.

Search from Snapchat using a Snapcode

All Snapchat users have a unique identification code that can be scanned in the app to reveal its owner and thus add them. To add someone using this unique Snapcode:

  • Go to Snapchat, open phone’s camera.
  • Open the person’s Snapchat.
  • On their profile, there will be a yellow box with dots with their icon is their Snapcode.
  • Scan with your camera.
  • When done, add the person to your Snapchat.

Find People on Snapchat Without Username

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The ‘Find Nearby’ Snapchat function comes in handy in such circumstances. If the person you are looking to find is located nearby to you this tool is worth exploring. To be able to find them, they would need to activate their ‘Add Nearby’ function too. If they have activated it, it will show from the results.

Find a Person’s Real Name on Snapchat


We do meet a lot of people on social media platforms, become close and share moments with them. Snapchat social platform is no different. It might have happen that you met someone on the app and are looking for their real name.

To search for someone’s real name on Snapchat:

  • Go to Snapchat and open your friends’ list.
  • Find the person you are looking up and tap on the gear icon next to their username. Their real name will show up if they added it on their profile.

These are some of the ideas you can try on how to find someone on Snapchat, an app that has more than 190 million users all over the world per day.


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