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Find Someone’s Birthday on Messenger

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Sending and receiving messages has never been easier than now, after the introduction of the internet. Social media sites have made communication such a breeze that phone calls are no longer the only fastest way to communicate. This article will look at the ways to find someone’s birthday on Messenger.

There are ways to find a person on Messenger that you can use but how about someone’s birthday?

What is Messenger?

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This is a messaging app that was developed by Facebook in 2008. The app allow its users to send and receive photos, videos, stickers, audio and files. Users are also able to react to other users’ messages and interact with them. Facebook has managed to launch Messenger separately from Facebook, a standalone app for iOS, and Android and later on Desktop.

Is There a Way to Find Someone’s Birthday on Messenger?

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Messenger does offer ways on how to find someone’s birthday on it. The only catch is, the person you are looking up should have included it on their profile. Facebook allow users to include their date of birth but it is not compulsory to do. That way the person’s date of birth will show up on their profile if the person included it.

Facebook also normally sends reminders every morning to its users alerting them about that day’s birthdays and also upcoming ones. The reminder also posts recent and upcoming birthdays for that current month.

There are a number of ways you can find someone’s birthday on Messenger.

  • One of them is to try searching from the search bar. Enter the name of the person you want to look up and search. Their profile will show. Go to the about function where there are details on the person. If the person included their date of birth on their profile, it will show up there.
  • Another way to do the birthday lookup would be to use the events function found on the left side on the Menu. All in all, it all rests on whether the person included their date of birth information when it comes to ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Messenger. Other than that, it is possible to find someone’s date of birth from the app.

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