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Find Someone’s Birthday on Google

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

Birthdays are the moments we all look up to in our lives as they are a time for celebrations. The messages, gifts and adding a year in your life makes it all worthwhile. Of course all this would be meaningless if you are not aware of that important birth date of the person you are willing to celebrate. This article will look at the ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Google.

What is Google?

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Google is an American subsidiary company that offers internet services with products and services like a search engine, online advertising, software and hardware, as examples. Established in 1998 September, the multibillion company is based in California. The company is rated highly as a stock company with the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

How do I Find Someone’s Birthday on Google?

There are two ways you can use to find someone’s birthday on Google which are through the use of a number of new social calendars. You can use them to import the date of birth or add the date of birth yourself.

Use Google Contacts

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One way to find someone’s birthday on Google would be to use Gmail on a web browser and access Google Contacts. The birthdates are pulled from your Gmail contacts that have filled in their birthdays in their Google Profiles. Every time Google calendar performs a sync, your calendar will update birthdays from Google Contacts. You can find more details on this here.

Adding the Birthday on Google Calendar

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Another way to find someone’s birthday on Google would be to use Google Calendar. This Google function can be used if you are looking to remind yourself of someone’s birthday. To add the date of birth on Google Calendar:

  • Create an event in the calendar, for example ‘Rob’s Birthday on May 5’.
  • Make it an all-day event instead of time.
  • Click on ‘Repeat’ button.
  • Select the ‘Every year on May 5’ box and save.

Conduct a Google Search

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An old fashion Google people search on the Google search Bar can be another way to go. If the person is a famous public figure (business or media), it might be possible to find their date of birth from a simple Google search. Just enter the person’s name on the Google Search Bar and search. Google will then pull results from numerous sources on its data base for you to view and choose from.

These are ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Google that you can attempt. They range from services that this giant company offers to simple searches on their search bar.


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