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Hornell is a city in Steuben County, New York. Hornell is at the western side of Steuben County. Surrounded by the Town of Hornellsville, the city is about 55 miles south of Rochester. Hornell has a total area of 3,28 square miles of which all of it is land. The population density in the city is 2,531.87 per square mile.

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Additional Information about Hornell, NY

Hornell Demographic Data

Population: 8,332

Households: 3,393

Household size: 2,39

Household Income: $30,738

Median Age: 36,6

Race:  92,7% white,  0,8% black,  0,8% Asian,  0,2% Native American,  2,3% Hispanic.

Source: https://www.bestplaces.net/people/city/new_york/hornell

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Source: https://zipcode.org/city/NY/HORNELL