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Here is a comprehensive review of Pipl people search free for your perusal. Take a few minutes to learn about how it works and how it can help you lookup anyone online. 

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It is an undisputed fact that Google is the most popular search engine. Despite being the most popular search engine, some features google will not provide enough information about. One of the features that Google doesn’t deliver efficiently is giving information about people. Let us consider this pipl review and see how this site fares. 

Pipl is a search engine that combines data from different search engines and other databases using the user search. Pipl search engine makes use of data from popular search engines like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. the result from Pipl search result is better than what you will get from many search engines. 

The story of how Pipl started 

The Pipl search free finder was launched officially in 2007, and since then, it has become a popular search engine for most people searching for people. Pipl is popular because of its distinctive and advanced features. Pipl search through the data of various profile directories and other search engines too. 

How does Pipl work

If you want to search for names, Pipl free search is more effective than any other search engine & free whitepages. Unlike other search engines, Pipl is exclusively for searching people around the world. If you merely enter the name and location of the person, you can get search results. If you search for a name on Pipl search engine, it will give you the photos and links to the social media account of the person. 

Is Pipl accurate? 

The level of accuracy is variable because the data is collected algorithmically. The result you are getting from Pipl search engine is not analyzed, verified, or examined. However, Pipl at times, update and correct the wrong information if you contact them. Pipl doesn’t protect your privacy, but it is not advisable to contact them unless the information associated with your name is harming or the information is false. 

What are the information Pipl collects? 

Pipl free search makes use of any publicly available information (social network accounts, address books, government public records, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, news articles, and any other material that contains profile or is tied to identity. 

How to search for someone on Pipl 

What you will find when visiting Pipl is that this search engine not only searches the web but searches in an area that this site calls the deep web. There are hidden resources on the Internet that search engines simply cannot or cannot access for a variety of reasons. Some contain personal information, and the sites that provide this information choose not to be indexed by current search engines. Pipl is different because it indexes this information.

When you first visit Pipl, you will see many areas where you can add your information. You can add what you know to see what appears. You can enter the state, city, name, last known address, etc. What you can add will determine the accuracy of the results. If you only have one name, you can get information about anyone with that name. If you can add more, such as a report, you will get more specific results.

The good thing about Pipl is that it delivers what it says. If you find more information, you will find more information than you can find on other search engines. You can test this by first adding your data in a general search, then in Pipl. It will be easy to spot the difference. If someone data is on Pipl, you should get their account immediately. You can also do a phone number lookup, get member information, and some public record lists.

Is it possible I remove my data from Pipl 

The only step you can take to remove your personal information from Pipl people search is to remove it from sources where Pipl get data from. A very good example is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social network, but it is one of the primary sources of personal information that Pipl use. 

There are three ways to decrease your visibility on Pipl:

Remove the sources 

Check for your profile on Pipl and look through the details. Pipl will tell you where they got your data from. Most of the sources where Pipl gets your data from are profiles you can control. In essence, what this means is that if Pipl people search is taking your data from your Facebook profile, it means your privacy setting on Facebook isn’t strong enough. The best step you can take is to: Log into your Facebook account and change anything that public to private.

Remove your data from other search sites 

There are lots of other search engines where you can find your details. And most of these search devices allow you opt-out. If you remove your data from these search sites, it means Pipl will only be able to get data from fewer sources. This means the more sites you opt-out from, the fewer the sources Pipl can get data from. 

On the other hand, if you create a personal or business website where you publish information about yourself and your profession, your profile can be pushed down on Pipl, so only fewer searchers can find it. 

Control your search result 

Some people go on Pipl to search for you. Pipl is not a very popular search engine like Google or a household name like Facebook. Most of the people that search for your profile on Pipl have come across your profile in the search result. 

Protecting your privacy on Pipl might sound counter-intuitive but the best strategy is to control the message. When people search for information on search engines like Bing or Google, most people don’t go past the first page. This is also the same way it works on Pipl, so if you can get your profile off the first page, most people that want to see your profile will not find you. 


We hope this Pipl search free review has been helpful. There are plenty of pipl  alternatives or similar sites. visit our website here to learn more about it. 

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