TruePeopleSearch Review

Have you tried the platform yet? There are mixed reactions towards the website but everything has been clarified in this article. Find out whether it is a legit site or you should stay away.

What is is a website that gives personal contact details of people living in America. The site provides details such as email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers belonging to people. You can use this site to do your people search free, free phone number search and more. Unlike the totally free sites, this one does have a paid option where you can receive a Full Background Report on who you want to check on. Click here to access the site right now. 

Where does TruePeopleSearch get their information?

Most people often ask themselves, how did TruePeopleSearch get my info? Well,  they get their information from publicly available data e.g. public records and other website whose data can be widely accessed by anyone. Some of the data they use is bought from the data brokers. 

True People Search 

The website activities revolve around online dating and friendship kinds of relationships. People who wish to know more about other people’s age, where they stay, their relatives, and additional information can do so via the website. It is a site where you can acquire any detail you wish to know about any person like your favorite celebrity, their cars, and even current address.

How does TruePeopleSearch work? 

Well if you are asking yourself this question, how does work? the answer is simple and straightforward. Once on the site, you need to type a person’s name and their code, and you have most of the information you need about them at your fingertips. To be honest, too much information is given out by the site, making it vulnerable for exploitation by burglars and smugglers. 

Is the website a scam?

As part of review, let’s consider the possibility of the site being a scam. Most of these ‘people search engines’ have been invaded by imposters and fraudsters who harm unsuspecting users. It would not be fair for us to associate the site with scam since no reports are showing how users were ripped off their cash by the website. However, you do not expect genuine people to search sites to be free of scammers, so you need to be careful on your tour to the site.

How to get out of the site

Everyone not comfortable being on the website is probably looking forward to this segment. In case you feel that you are not safe with your details being onsite, you can always opt-out and delist your profile. To ensure all your information is off the site safely, this is what you have to do:

  • Agree on the stated terms form the removal page.
  • Click on the ‘I’m not a robot’ box,
  • Then click on the ‘begin’ button.
  • Tap on the ‘details’ button to bring to the screen your record.
  • Finally, follow the instructions until you arrive at a ‘remove this record’ button. The button should erase all your personal information on the site.

However, if you look at it keenly, erasing your data from only one site does not fully protect you. That is true, especially if you are a social media person. Most of your personal information is still online, and if anyone wishes to get hold of it, they can easily do it.

Most people still have a problem with this site as the website gives shoddy and scattered information. At the about us page, there is no actual information on who runs the website nor any company names. Some people will see this as a red flag in a world full of scammers online.

Take Away

The internet has made things easy and meeting up new people. In as much as the website will assist you in having more information about someone you want to know more about, you should always be vigilant about the amount of information you give out online. The data can be used against you by scammers and fraudsters, but at the same time, it can be used to land your soulmate or best friend. 

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