Tineye Reverse Image Search Review

There is a lot of information on the internet in the form of text, videos and pictures, that is accessible via a single search. Usually, you need to type in exact keywords into search engines to get the information you need, but what if you need to do an image search? What if you need to go above and beyond your average image search? Enter Tineye reverse image search.

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What Is TinEye?

Tineye is an image search and facial recognition company with an aim to make images searchable. The back-end technology being used by the computer vision experts at Tineye allows it to function similar to a search engine.

In other words, when you do a simple Tineye image search, you’re shown thousands of results for similar images from its constantly updated index. Tineye Reverse image search is not the only thing that’s possible; It even allows you to verify and match your images with others present on the internet. 

About Tineye.com Image Search

It  is a Canadian Image Search and Recognition company that specializes in applying machine-learning-based algorithms and API’s to make your images searchable by people on the internet. You can upload your images and use some of the features of tineye.com image search, to classify your images easily so they can be found by others online.

You can even prevent unwanted or fraudulent use of your images by suspicious individuals or companies online.

How Does Tineye Work?

If you are interested in knowing how to use tineye reverse lookup then let me start with this; There are a few ways to use Tineye.com image search – you can begin your search by uploading an image or dragging and dropping the image on screen and even searching for an image by copying and pasting it into the search box on the main page.

Your images remain your own because it’s not saved when you begin your search with Tineye.com image search. The TInEye index of images is continually updated with many images from the internet per day, but it doesn’t save or store your images anywhere when you upload them onto the servers.

tineye chrome extension

Tineye.com image search even has extensions for Firefox, Opera and Chrome so you can reverse image search on the go. Simply right click on an image open in your browser with the extension enabled and select “Search Image on Tineye”. Our best recommendation is the Tineye reverse image search chrome extension. 

Applying filters to search results allow you to sort the results for the images you need. When you “filter by stock,” it helps you identify whether the image is a stock photograph that’s free to use. When you filter results by collection, it helps point you towards the creator or copyright holder of an image.

You can also see the number of domains (websites and addresses) that the image appeared in. The compare features allow quick back and forth switching between your search and image results to find any differences between the results and your image. This is a useful feature of Tineye image search that helps you see how images have been altered, skewed, cropped and resized or changed in any way.

Features Of Tineye Image Search

With Tineye’s MatchEngine, you can find out duplicate, resized or modified images so you can verify which ones belong to your business. The MatchEngine provides you a search by Image API (Application programming interface) to find out where your images are being used and how.

The match engine is equipped to deal with different transformations on images, such as crops, color changes, resizes and other edits. Some businesses

You can use this the MatchEngine of Tineye image search to identify duplicate images which are being used without your permission, or for reconciling your image collection. It also allows to verify user generated content (UGC), or images that contain your products.

The Match Engine assigns a unique signature to your image without using meta data to figure out which images fully or partially match the images. Image matching through Match engine can handle millions of images.

MobileEngine allows you to add image recognition to your business app. It builds a reference database of images like that may be used by businesses like art galleries, insurance companies, ecommerce websites, libraries, book stores, wine stores and more.

For instance, you may have catalogue pages, book covers, wine labels, artwork, photographed consumer products etc. present in your database and your customers can search for further information on your products by image searching through the pictures they take of those products. This makes the decision-making process easier for potential customers, through the information being provided by the MobileEngine interface.

Reviews For Search By Image Tineye

Search by image from Tineye.com is trusted by many reputable brands like Associated Press, Adobe, AFP, Groupon, Hallmark, Home Depot, Pixabay, Shutterstock, Vodafone, Storyful. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out for free and benefit from their reverse image search.

It’s easy to sign up for and install the Tineye image search extension to begin using these features directly from your browser.Or you can simply follow the link and commence your Tineye.com image search today. you can take some time to check out these similar sites one by one. 

Tineye Alternative

There are a number of websites like Tineye out there. These similar sites include Noobox, SauceNao, Google Lens, IQDB, Qwant images, Trace.me, Camfind, Image raider, PicTub and more. 

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