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You have probably seen and read many reviews, however this one is different from the rest.  Here we look at what makes this website one of the leading platforms in its genre and at how it might help you find whoever you’re looking for.

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It’s difficult being separated from a loved one, and yet so easy. In these times when people are constantly moving away, it’s easy to lose touch with friends, lovers, or even family. Which is why platforms like FindPeopleSearch were invented. With just a few easy, steps, FPS can help you reunite with a loved one.

  • What is FindPeopleSearch?

FindPeopleSearch is an online database and search engine that compiles people’s information, such as age, phone number, and address from public records. Led by Nick Matzorkis, who’s been in the free people search business since the early ‘90s, FindPeopleSearch is an innovative and easy-to-use platform that tries to help you find a long lost friend or acquaintance.

  • How does FindPeopleSearch work?

As with any search engine, FindPeopleSearch asks you for some basic information about the person you’re looking for. 

When you first enter the website, you’re greeted by a search box asking for three things:

    • The name of the person you seek;
    • Their approximate age;
    • The state they live in (so far, FPS is only available for the United States).

Of course, you’re also given the option to supply additional information if you have it. By clicking on the button ‘Expand Form’, you get the option to input such things as the city, street, and zip code of the person, their email address and even do a free phone number search, and their maiden last name, if applicable.

Naturally, the more information you provide, the easier the search becomes.

Once you’re done filling these out FindPeopleSearch takes the information and sorts through its immense database of people, only selecting those who fit the criteria you’ve selected, beginning of course with the name.

When it’s done (approx. a few seconds), it displays all the possible matches, with the name and age of the person on top, so that it’s easy to sort through them and find the one you want.

While there is a possibility that the person you’re looking for is not in their database, not finding someone through the platform is quite rare.

  • What’s special about FindPeopleSearch?

Something we particularly liked about this search engine was that it does not display the full address or phone number of the people in its database. We would find that rather worrying because then anyone could get access to them through a casual search. 

But with FindPeopleSearch, you must first become a member to get access to the contact details of the person you’re looking for. And while this is true for other people search engines, many of them still display basic info, such as the full address, for example. And while we understand that most people using this platform just want to find their loved one, we think it’s important that the platform protects the privacy of the person.

Another thing we liked about the platform was that it’s easy to use, only asking for a few basic details about the person. And the best thing about it was that it includes past places where the person’s lived. So if you knew someone who used to live in Vermont, the search engine will find them and tell you where they’ve moved now.

That’s a big plus for the platform since many sites and free whitepages just ask for the current state the person lives in, which you may or may not know.

In fact, we liked the whole way the search engine is structured. See, it asks you for current or former addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. Which is really helpful because presumably if you knew the person’s current phone number or email, you’d just contact them, right?

  • Are there any downsides?

Not really, no. We feel the search could get even more refined in time. We had to scour through the people lists a bit, but overall we’d say it’s a solid search engine and a great way to find loved ones. 

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