How to Use Whitepages to Search for People by Phone Number

You can lookup a person using their phone number online to find whatever information you are looking for. Searching with a phone number is normally referred to as a “reverse phone number search” in the reverse people search world.

This is because you are using a phone number to find information on it. You can find a name, address, email, relatives, job occupation and a lot more information with a reverse phone number search.

There are quite a number of websites online that do reverse phone number lookups. Phone number lookups can be divided into three categories. These are; residential phone numbers, business phone numbers and cell phone numbers. You can look up using these phone numbers online.

Residential Phone Numbers

Residential phone numbers are the phone numbers found in what is known as the white pages. White pages are available online on There are also numerous sites that offer white pages information. Just like the phonebook, a search from the white pages will give you results like a name and address as basic information. You can get more than this if you are lucky.

There are also sites that do phone number lookups with a bit more information. Searching from sites that keep public records, and sites that do background checks will give results that have more details. Some of them offer their services at a fee. There are also those who have free trial periods that you can take advantage of.

I would personally warn against going for sites with no free trial searches. Some of them are bogus and will only rob you of your hard earned cash. The truth is, it is difficult to do free search online these days.  It’s best to check out a site first before giving them your credit card details. See this complete guide on how to find someone free of charge for various methods that work today.

Business Phone Numbers

Business phone numbers are available from the yellow pages. Most sites which offer white pages searches also do have business phone number searches. Sites which offer background searches and public records also do this kind of searches.

You can search with either a business name or category of business on all these places.Phone number business searches give results like name of business, address, and map to the location and directions to it.

 Cell Phone Number Lookups

Some sites that offer regular reverse phone number searches also offer cell phone number searches. However, there are sites that specifically do cell phone number searches. Cell phone number searches are a bit hard to conduct since they are not registered anywhere but these sites have made an effort to aggregate them for you. There are those sites that offer reverse phone number searches at a certain fee. Just like the premium phone number sites, it is wise to try those with free trial period searches to know what you are dealing with if you decide on using them.

Other Reverse Phone Number Searches

Social sites can be another choice for a reverse phone number search. People might include the phone number when creating profiles on them. You can do so by utilizing the search bar on these social networks. Type in the phone number on their search bar and see what happens.

You might also consider using apps. Some sites have developed apps which are compatible with cell phones. You can do a reverse phone number search from the comfort of your cell phone with them.

These are some of the options you have on how to do a totally free people search by phone number on the web. Take advantage of these free offers and find the information you are looking for.

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