How To Reverse Lookup For Free


If you want to know how to reverse lookup for free then this is the perfect place for you to do just that. There are a number of ways you can adopt; Each has its unique way to conduct so an understanding of them is essential. Sit tight and let us walk you through a couple of them.


In this help guide, we start with just a few such as a free reverse people search with a name, phone number, address (both residential and email), cell phone number social security number.


So depending on the type of information you have, you can choose the one that best suites you.


1. Use A Phone Number 


Do you know the phone number of the person you are trying to find or locate? A reverse phone number search can give you details like the name of the owner, address and more depending of course on the content that the site you are searching from keep.


Different sites store different data and it’s a good idea to try as many as possible for your search until you get your results. There are plenty of good people locators out there at your disposal. Find out What’s the best free reverse phone lookup 


2.Use a Maiden Name


Usually when women get married, they change their surname and assume that of their husband. If you are looking for ways to find a long lost friend and you don’t know their marriage name, then running a search using their maiden name might help.


You won’t need a credit card but the first name and maiden name of the person to land on good results. See more information on how to find someone by maiden name

3. Search By Social Security Number (SSN)


If you have a social security number (SSN) of the person you want to lookup then you can do a reverse people search  by social security number (SSN). There are ways to validate a social security number on the internet from sites who store such data.


Most of the sites that provide details on such searches have comprehensive databases that bring back results like criminal records and more. You will need to know the steps and sites to conduct such activity which is what we can do for you. See how to find someone using their social security number free


4. Search by Age and Name


Searching with details like name and age can be very advantageous. This is because the inclusion of age in the search will filter the search to a more precise result.


Rather than having for example all the “Bob Johnson” in New York you will be given those of the age you are looking for. This will make your search easier. There are sites that can do all this for you at no cost. you can check this one out. 


5. Search by Email Address


Whether you are looking to find someone’s email address or are looking to find the owner of an email address, the web has you covered.


When looking to verify an email online, you will get results like the name of the owner, phone number, address and more details depending on the site’s data.


There are ways to go about that and they are a completely free. find out how to search people by email address


6.Search by Date of Birth


There are site which will let use a date of birth to make your search. They offer a search box where you can include the date of birth to the other search details.


This really simplifies a search as it limits the number of outcomes from your search. You will have a few results to go through.


See more on how to find someone by name and birthdate

7.Search by Name on the Web


Name searches are the most common type of search and there are so many sites that can give you a result on a name. Even Google, for example, can give you a positive outcome if you are lucky.


But people lookup sites are more appropriate for such a look up and there are a countless number of them. Basic results from a search here include phone number, residential address, email, friends and relatives, which is according to the site used of course.


8.Cell Phone Number 


Most sites that offer cell phone number reverse searches also offer landline searches. By entering the cell phone number on these sites you are on your way to a possible name, address and other details on it.


Some of these sites have even developed apps to help you find what you are looking for. There are however sites who do charge a small fee for this service. See how to find someone’s location using cell phone number 

9. Try A Reverse License Plate Lookup


If you are dealing with issues of hit and runs or road rage that probably led to criminal offences happening or you simply want to find a person who owns a certain vehicle you are eyeing then this comprehensive guide on how to find vehicle owner by license plate free will help you.



With any of these recommended options, you have noted how to reverse lookup for free on the internet. You are also able to get information, which I believe will be used profitably and not for stalking purposes.


These free reverse people search sites were set up to make it easy to find people using numerous ways online in order to communicate.


 Note that it’s not always the case where you can find a totally free reverse lookup  online so you might need to be ready to part with some bit of money depending on how desperate you are. 


Of course there are many more other guides to help you find out how to find someone free of charge using various methods. I strongly recommend you check them out too.

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