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It comes as expected that one of the world’s leading search engines will offer people searches. It is possible to do a free people search on Yahoo. You can search from Yahoo with a name, a phone number and an email address for information. There are search boxes for all these types of searches on Yahoo.

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Some of the information supplied as results when you search is offered by Intelius. Choosing to find more details on the information offered by Intelius might need you to pay. This is because Intelius offers detailed results at a fee. The information found on Yahoo is available in a number of other public information people search sites.

Yahoo Free Name Searches

To do a free name search on Yahoo People Search, type in the first name or initial of the individual, the city/ town and state. The last name is compulsory for a search on the site but you can leave the other information out if you are not familiar with them. However, adding these details on your search will help narrow down your search to the most appropriate outcome.

Then again if you leave out these details you might have a wide scope to search from, thus making your search broad. For example, leaving out state and city information might have you searching from the whole country for data on the individual.

Free Reverse Phone Searches on Yahoo

Reverse phone number searches on Yahoo are conducted by entering the phone number on the “reverse phone #” search box and pressing search. You will get returns like the name, address and other details available on Yahoo about the owner of the phone number.

Free Email Address Search on Yahoo

The type of search offered on Yahoo is whereby you use a name to find someone’s email. For an email address search on Yahoo, type in the name of the individual you want to look up and search. Just like in name searches, the last name is obligatory for a search. It only makes sense that you can do a free people search on Yahoo for an email since the site is an email service provider.

Yahoo Yellow Pages Searches

You can search for businesses using Yahoo for free. You can use a category and location to search. For example, you can search for restaurants (category) in Los Angeles (location). They also offer a map on the location you have chosen on the site.

Using Yahoo Answers For Free People Searches

Yahoo Answers allow users to post their questions on topics they do not understand where other users can give answers to. This is as long as the questions do not breach the guidelines set or terms of service. To post a question you have to register and open an account. This would need a Yahoo ID but you are free to use any name on Yahoo Answers for identification.

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