Guide to Use People Search White Pages

The white pages refer to the phone book listing of all phone numbers of telephone subscribers with their names and location published by the organization that provides them. They are normally printed on white paper hence the name white pages. To find someone’s phone number you had to search from these directories.


Technological advancement in the form of internet and smart phones in the 21st Century has made the use of the hard copy of white pages less significant. Some places in the US like Seattle and San Francisco have even decided to ban the publishing of the hard copy of phone books in favor of the online directories.

You can now search for white pages information online and get results. Let’s look at the places you can do this at, at no cost online.

The White Pages Company

Founded by Alex Algard in 1997, the White Pages Company can let you search for information online with a name, phone number, address, lookup zip/ area codes and name or category of business. It also develops mobile apps which can help search for white pages information as well as lookup unknown numbers on your cell phone. There are also social features from the apps here and you are able to edit and control information on yourself too.

Sites with White Pages Information

White pages information is also available from other totally free people search sites too. The most prominent among these are, and They offer the same search options like the White Pages Company above. You can search with a name, phone number, address and business. Zabasearch goes on to provide premium services for more detailed information. There are actually numerous sites with white pages info.

Business Searches

The Yellow Pages normally provide this type of information but it is also available from white pages sites. That means you can also lookup businesses from the white pages. For a business search you are expected to provide details like name or category of the company you are looking to find plus address/ location. Results of this type of search will include a map of the business location.

There are other white pages information available for other countries too. There are white pages for countries like Canada, UK, Australia and more.

White Pages information can be found online as well as in the form of hard copies. It is advised that if you do not find any information online, consider using the hard copy. You can also find out how to find someone free of charge using other ideas recommended on this site.  These are some of the ideas you can try out on how to use totally free people search – White Pages online.

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