Four Tips to Use to Search for People on Google

Google has been associated with the “know it all” term since you can find almost all information you want on their search engine. The truth it is is one of the truly totally free people search sites available out there today. This also applies when we talk about a Google people search.  and methods you can use to find information on people on Google. This is information like their full names, phone numbers, addresses (email and residential), businesses and cell phone numbers.

To search for people for free on Google, you will need the same information (name, phone number, addresses, businesses and cell phone number). With any of these details you can get a result from Google, provided there is information on them from the search engine.

Free Name Searches on Google

When searching with a name or business, it is always recommended that you put the name or business name in quotation marks on the Google search bar. If you have the location of the person or business, you can add that as well. Here is an example, “John Michaels”, Los Angeles. Including location for name and business searches will help narrow down your search and filter out unwanted outcomes.

For name searches, you can also include details like profession, club or favorite activity after the name. In situations where you are familiar with the person’s username or aliases, you can try searching by them too.

Free Google Searches with a Phone Number

Searching with a landline and/or cell phone number is the same on Google. Just type the phone number on Google’s search bar in quotes and press search. If there are details associated with the phone number on Google search engine, you will get a hit. This is information like the owner of the phone number, their address and other available details.

Email searches on Google

Email searches are also possible on the Google search bar. Type the email on the Google search bar and search. You will be given all the places where this email address was used.

Google Person Finder

This site was developed to help people reconnect with their loved ones after a disaster. You can post data on Google Person Finder to search for people or find out who is searching for you on the site. You will be taken on a step by step process on how to do this on the site.

These are some of the ways on how to find someone free of charge with a free  search on Google. Google might not be a people search site but can give you results as it has a large database.

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