Totally Free People Search Sites With No Credit Card Required


So what are the best people search websites online in 2020? In fact, are there  totally free people search sites with search results that you can access fully at no charge?


Yes there are and if you have already read some guides with information like this one then you have probably seen a list of more supposedly freepeoplesearch websites than we recommend here.


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The reasons for that is because 80% of those recommended free people search engines  will end up asking you to pay something. The people finders will ask you for your query information i.e. your first name, last name and when you hit the search button they will ask you to pay a fee for the search results.


Worse still is that you may not even realise that they have already sent you off to another site where they act as agents and they will get a cut of the money you pay for the results.


We have sifted through all those free people search engine lists and came out with these that are 100% completely free for you.


These do not only offer a free search but absolutely free people search with no credit card required and no cost to pay for the results (report) as well. They essentially offer free people searches with free information.


Believe me when I say this is the best list you will ever need to find your person of interest e.g. long lost friend, family members or to investigate (e.g. run a background check) anyone at absolutely no cost.


What is the best free people search site?


Below are our best recommended free people search websites you can use today to find people; we have listed them by the most popular websites using an online web monitor to find out which ones have the most people using it.


When you are in the process of finding people free online, please keep in mind that it is not compulsory for people to share their information on the internet and some opt to even remove it.


This is why not every person you lookup will be accessible online nor will you find sufficient information about them.


It is also true that you might have to dig a little deeper or even consider paying a fee if you are desperate and these websites don’t help much.


  1. White pages


Free White Pages should be your starting point if you are looking for a 100% free finder solution. They provide one of the most effective ways to do a freepeoplesearch that is most likely to turn up the person you are trying to find. is one of the best people search sites to try out but we provide more alternatives; Click the link to see a full list of totally free white pages


These can be used for various solutions such as identity verification, fraud screening and public record background checks. It hosts a database of millions if not billions of contact info for people and businesses.


In addition to phone numbers, you can find address and first and last name of people and businesses. They offer a free search where you can use full name, city and state to search and get free basic results.


  1. TruePeopleSearch


TruePeopleSearch is one of the best truly free people search engines with free results online where you can search for both cell phone and mobile phone, previous and current address very fast with no registration needed or whatsoever.


In this report, you get current and previous address, multiple phone numbers and where possible they offer maiden name and other associated them.


You just have to be patient with their “human test” as it keeps looping after you run a couple of searches


  1. TineEye


Tineeye is best if you have a picture or photo of the person you are trying to find. They offer what is known as reverse image search where you upload, enter or paste the image and hit the search.


It will then search through its billions of stored photos of people and then show you where that particular image is located on the internet.


While this is not a sure fire way to find anyone anywhere it is a great platform to test out for your case.


  1. PeekYou


Peekyou  offers a people search free resourse to help you find friends, relatives, old classmates and colleagues around the web. It is basically a free people search and public information search engine.


They claim to be the simplest & 100% free people finder online. It gets its information from free to access sources available all over the internet.


These include sources like social media, blogs, news sources and homepages. You can conduct your search using the person’s first and last name, phone number and location by state or reverse search using a username.


  1. ZabaSearch


Zaba is one of the oldest & still the best people finders online (founded in 2005).


It is an absolutely free people search site to help find people, name, phone numbers and addresses. Zaba is made up of a database of public information.


It also has a reverse search tool where you can search for people by name and and also search by phone number across all 50 states in the US. No registration is needed to start using the search service.


The Zabasearch report will help you find an age, physical address and a phone number and more.


If you are looking for more info then you will find yourself on Intelius, the parent company where you will access “premium” services, which means you will have to pay for the detailed info.


  1. Thatsthem


Thatsthem offers free people searching to find your friends and relatives with no need to register or whatsoever. You can use it to find people, phone, do a reverse email lookup, address and IP addresses.


The free results they present come with name, address, phone number and additional information about the person such as information about the financial position of the person like wealth score and other such as travel, donor, green, tech and shopping score.


Interestingly they offer some kind of custom people finder free search solution where you can contact them directly if you can’t find the person you are looking for in their database.


Note that when the information is not in their database they will send you off to a paid service.


  1. Pipl


Pipl is an identity verification information service that connect global identity data for easy perusal.


The site’s identity resolutions engine helps find and pull together personal, professional and social identity data together to make people searching a breeze.


Note that this is not a totally free service but there is a free trial you can sign up for and try it out without paying anything.


When using their search feature you can find people’s profiles, detailed information about their professional, addresses, social demographic personal and contact information.


You can even find relationship information in most cases.


  1. FindPeopleSearch


FindPeopleSearch has been undergoing an update and sends you to its classic search. The classic search provides basic background information (not a lot of detail but useful enough in finding people).


  1. People Search free On Google


Google no doubt is the biggest search engine of our life time. This is mainly because it is the one with the largest database of information and returns it to users via search better than any other.


This then means it is also a 100% free people finder that provides a great source of people searching and can safely be considered one of the best free people search engines to find people.


The simplest is to type your name in the search box and the next best from that is using quotes around the name (I am sure you already knew that).


The next better option to filter out the search is adding + and any other information you may have about the person. This is the basic version of what Google people search is.


Other ways to people search free of charge is to access its other platforms like Google groups, google books, user alerts, images or even trying pinpointing a person’s location on maps. Learn more about Google People search.


  1. Facebook people search (Largest & most comprehensive “database”)


Facebook has 2.5 billion users and is the biggest site with people’s person information available to the public. A couple of years ago FB offered more people searching features than it does today due to privacy concerns.


For example some time past you could find someone by phone number on Facebook by simply typing the number of their search bar and it would show you the person’s profile. However this is not the case anymore.


Use the search bar to enter the person’s name and last name and use the available features at the top and on the left side to zoom into the person you are looking for.


You can also check out some groups e.g. schools and search profiles of possible friends as well. We have a full guide where you can find more about Facebook people search

Other free people finders you can use


These 10 recommended are totally free people search engines we recommend. Of course there are some more out there that you can try out.


For example, you can use Linkedin to search for people using their professional information and other general search engines similar to Google.


You can also check Instagram and Twitter because these are also one of the biggest online today.


These include Bing, Yahoo where you can run a Yahoo people search, Duck duck go, Dogpile, Yippy, & Webopedia.See our guides on yellow pages & 123 people search.


Here Are Speciality free people finders You Can Use

1. Email finders


These are websites specifically designed to search for emails. The free email finders you can use include;


Snovio: you can use this site to get prospects for your business and some email addresses. If you have bulk or a single email verification need then use can use this site as well.


You will be required to enter the full name of the person you are trying to find.


Hunter: You can use this site to find email addresses of people you have interacted with before and those you are trying to look up.


This email finder uses a variety of signals to ensure that it provides the most accurate email address,


There are more other email address finders we  recommend, which include VoilaNorbert, TheEmailFinder, AnyMailFinder,

2. Phone numbers


There are also speciality people search websites for phone numbers. The most popular ones are ThePhonebook, Spydialer, 411, and more phone number sites.


This means if you are looking for a phone number, you just need to head straight to them and get hold of the phone number with ease.

3. Free Public Records


The list would not be complete without mentioned some public records where you can find arrest public records, marriage records and more background check info. The most prominent one is

End note: A neat trick  to find people through these is to also try out those people locators that come at a cost but have some kind of no obligation free trial people search and results.


We have written a comprehensive guide about this and you can check it out here to find the full list of those sites you can use today.


See also: how to find someone free of charge here.