International People Search – How to find someone around the world

If you have a need to know how to do a totally free people search no credit card required lookup using a country search online then you are in the right place. This international people search guide will help you learn how to find someone around the world free of charge.

To find someone internationally will take a bit of hard work and a willingness to outsource, depending on whether or not you are willing to
pay for this service.

How to find someone living in another country

For a free search then using the internet to find someone abroad is your best option. Use platforms like social networks to access these friends, hopefully in a non intrusive manner. Sites like Wayp & phonebookoftheworld can be quite useful.

You can also try international directory assistance like 411 or 555-1212, which can be accessed in the US but can try out the international directory 800-2255288 to find international numbers. More recommended international people search engines include Losttrekkers  & whitepages. There is also the option to find someone in a different country on facebook

The rest of this article will look at how to find someone living in another country specifically looking at some countries.  Let’s look at the options you have for each one of them.


1. Canada

To find someone for free in Canada can be done with basic look up details like name, phone number, address and company or business. Searches with a name and address might need you to provide details like city and province or postal code from Canada. There are recommended sites for these searches which will give you a possible outcome. Learn more here

2. United Kingdom (UK)

There are numerous sites which have dedicated themselves to gathering data on people in the UK for users to access. So rest assured that you have a pool of sites to choose from for a people search. Your choice ranges from ordinary people search sites to electoral roll information and social networks. The best part is all this is for free.

3. Jamaica

There are many interesting ways you can use to find someone online in the country of Jamaica. It possible to use normal free people search sites with the name, phone and address search options.

It is also possible to find sites where you can post on “looking for___________” search type of option, giving the name of the person you are looking for, your name, year you were together and place. Learn more on how to find someone in Jamaica.

4. Germany 

Did you know there are White Pages strictly for Germany? They are one option to finding people in the country that you can use. There are also social networks from the country that are at your disposal. You will also find free people search sites to use too. Go to how to find people in Germany

5. Search in Greece

You can find someone in Greece using the internet. There are several sources to check out online and offline. For example, you can have access to the Greek White Pages written in both English and Greek for a search.

You can also use numerous free people search sites too for a search in Greece. A good understanding of how to do this free people searches is essential though. Click the link to learn how to find someone living in Greece

6. Holland

To find people in Holland requires you to access a number of online sites. Note that some people say Holland when in fact they mean Netherlands – and there is a difference between the two.

For your search, you will have a number of sites to guide you and those that will let you do your search at no cost. You will also need to know the translation to the Holland language words in their search boxes though. If not the Google translation toolbar will come in handy.

7. Hungary

Learn how to use the White Pages, Yellow Pages as well as other sites to do an absolutely free people search in Hungary. You can get a guide on how to go about a search too on these places. Click the link to find people in Hungary

8. Japan

There are countless ways to conduct a people search in Japan which includes White Pages, Yellow Pages, free people search sites and social media. There is also a Google app that was developed to help locate people in Japan that you can try out. Learn more about how to locate someone in Japan.

9. South Africa

There is a way to search for people for free in Johannesburg, South Africa using the phonebook, people search sites, social networks and criminal records online. You won’t run out of search options on this place.


These are some of the options to international people search that you can find on the internet. You only have to invest time on them for a result.

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