People Search Guide To Find A Physical or Residential Address

It is very possible to do a totally free people search for an address online; You can find an address using a name, phone number, and email address as basic search information on the internet.

In addition, there are countless sites online that offer this type of search with steps on how to do the search. Each site has its unique methods and guides to follow if you want to get results.

Usually when performing a name search, phone number search or email address search, you enter the appropriate data in the relevant search boxes on the chosen free people search site and search. Results from your search will involve an address on a person or the information. We are going to look at some of the prominent sites for such a look up and how you can conduct it.

1. Google People Search for Address

There are many ways to search on Google for an address. Before we go any further, I should remind you that Google does not have resources dedicated to this type of search alone. One of the ways you can use is searching by name. Put the person’s name in quotes on the search bar. The results you get may include the person’s current address or even previous address with other useful data such as the phone number among others.

2. Yahoo People Search for Address Online

Yahoo people search tools can help you find all the data you need. If you go to the search tool, you can search by first and last name, city or town and the state. You are not restricted to these searches alone, you can also find a person using their phone number or do a tagged search (powered by Ask).

3. White Pages People Search for Address

White Pages searches are free for starters. When conducting a name search or phone number search on the White Pages, results like an address are very likely to show. In fact White Pages information is from telephone directories. Telephone directories list all telephone subscribers, their names, the phone numbers and the addresses where they live.

4. Search for Address on US People Search Sites

Searching for an address on US search sites is not as difficult as it seems. There are numerous sites that you can use for this search. Some of those you can consider are:,,, and

5. People Search for Zip Code Online

There are ways to find a zip code online. Most people search sites which do name searches, phone number searches and address searches (email and residential) do have an option that lets you search for a zip code. You are also expected to provide it, if not, then you can use city or state for a name and address search on these sites.There are also sites that have compiled a list of all the zip codes in the US where you can search from.


These are some of the options you have for people search for address online. The information above also provides you with the ways and places to use to reach that address that you are looking for. Remember, these sites have different methods for a search and so are the results. If one site does not give you a positive feedback, try another one as they have different data too.

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