Missing Persons Help: How to Find Someone Who is Missing

Looking for a missing person can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of information about the person you want. It is not something you can wish on anyone especially if the missing person is a loved one.This guide is about helping you take the right steps towards finding anyone who has gone missing.

This is not a guide about skippers  i.e. people who may be running away from financial obligations or have unintentionally lost touch. We have a lot of information on how to find those on the website. It is also not about locating or tracking people; again, we have a lot of information about tracking people here on findfree-people-friends.com  

#1. Add the Person in a Missing Person’s List

The first thing you can do is add the person you want to find to a missing person’s list. A missing person’s list is created by the law enforcement to keep track of all people who have disappeared, but they will need your help to do so. This list normally has a picture of the person, with details that can help the public identify him or her. Read more: How to Add A Missing Person to a missing persons list

#2. File a missing person’s report

Filing amissing person’s reportwill require you to give a detailed description or history of what happened on the day of the disappearance. After filing this report you can request that the information be given to the National Crime Information Center. Make sure that you are given a case number after filing the report and keep it. Read more: Missing Persons Search: Filing a Missing Person Report

#3. Make a missing person poster

With the many web tools available, you can now easily create amissing person poster. There are numerous templates that you can choose from. This you can do if you want to do it yourself, which is relatively easy but there are also a number of other online service providers that you can hire to design a very good poster for you. This can be as little as $5 to develop.

#4. Check Missing person blogs

As the number of people that go missing each day increases, so are the ways and platforms that can be used to find them. One of them is a missing persons blog. These are blogs dedicated to sharing missing person stories. On these blogs, you find different people talking about the many missing people that they are also looking for. These communities also offer great support for what you are probably going through.

#5. Call A Missing People Helpline

This is the first place that people turn to when someone goes missing. The help lines are usually free and they offer round the clock support and advice. There are actually a number of sites that avail their helpline for missing people.  They offer support and sometimes useful tips that you can use to search for missing people.

#6. Create a missing persons Flyer & Distribute it online & offline

While creating a poster can be a very useful thing to do, it becomes much better when you couple it with a well designed flyer that you can distribute in the nearby areas as well as on the internet. There are a number of ways to distribute it online, which way better than offline. This is because more and more people are using the internet these days and they tend to be more prone to notice ads online that flyers being distributed from a street corner.

#7. Use Google Missing People Finder

Google has designed a people finder tool that anyone can use to trace anyone who has gone missing. This tool is free to use and has helped a number of people to search and find their loved ones. Of course there is no missing persons finder software or tool out there that can produce 100% results i.e. help everyone who uses it to find people they are looking for.

#8. Book in a Missing Persons advert

If you have a budget to spend on your missing persons campaign, then you should definitely book in a missing persons ad. This is useful for spreading the message far and wide and making sure that someone who may have an idea about the persons you are trying to find can come up and offer some information. You would be surprised to know how many people are willing to assist if you ask them to.

#9.Hire a Private investigator

if you have a budget, hiring a private investigator is the best route you should consider when tracking down a missing person. PIs are very experienced with such and most importantly they have access to records that are privy to a select few. Try the free steps first and if they fail then you should definitely consider this.