Can I Do a Free License Plate Lookup Online?

A free license plate lookup is one of the difficult searches to conduct online. This is simply because the sites which aggregate and provide this data do so at a certain cost.

It is only right that they charge a fee for such searches. This includes costs for running the website on a regular basis. The law also does not permit such data to be easily made public.

That should not get you down as there are ways to find license plate records online at a reasonable price. We will look at the sites that will let you search for that license plate online. A Google search on a license might not work as this type of information is protected by law.

Using the DMV Database

There is no better place to do your search than the people who store such records which is the Department of Motor Vehicle(DMV). To search from the site, go to the site’s page and enter the license plate details and the state you want to search from and press “go”.

You will be able to uncover all records on the license plate from a search on DMV which includes the owner of the motor vehicle in question, registration information, driving records, criminal records and a lot more.

Free License Plate Search

Searching from free license plate search will give you a discrete and confidential search. When searching with a license plate from the site, you will get results like DMV records, license plate owner registration details, tickets, warrants, court records, criminal records, birth records and more. Even though it won’t be a free license plate lookup it sure returns a lot of data that is worth it.

Public Data Searches for License Plate Records

You will need to first register to be able to conduct a search from Public Data. You can either choose to open an individual account or corporate account. The individual account is for individuals who are looking to search on their own capacity on the site.

The corporate account on the other hand is ideal for businesses looking to do searches from the site. The prices of course vary on the type of account with the corporate one costing more.

Even though you cannot be able to do a free license lookup online, the above options will give you an answer to that license plate number in your possession. All you need to do is compare the prices and go with the cheapest first. Even then, you will need to try the others if the cheap ones do not give you a result.

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