How to Find Someone’s Email Address

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

If you want to know how to find someone’s email address with free results then you are in the right place. This article focuses on how to find free email addresses  to help you on your way to finding that email you are so desperately looking for.

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Where to start with finding an email address online

There are numerous totally free email finders providers out there and there is no one directory which keeps email addresses to search from. How nice that would be if there was a free email addresses directory online.

Of course you have email search sites like who call themselves email address directories but trust me there is no way they have each and every email available on earth on their database.

So before you can jump from one email finder to the next and exhausting yourself in the process, let me show you how you can find an email address free of charge using several methods. Take a few minutes and read below.

Perform a Email Search by Name

In this section we will show you how to find someone’s email address by their name. A “forward email search” is normally performed using a name of the person whose email you are trying to find. You will need to use information like the person’s first name, last name and address.

Most sites require those details for a search. Some sites offer restrictions to email results to protect the owner of an email address. There are certain instructions you have to follow to be able to contact the owner of the address.

An email address lookup can be very useful if you are looking to reconnect with past friends, relatives, business associates and anyone you are looking to have contact with.  The sites has made headlines in recent years and its popularity has grown fast and wide. This site seems to have a partnership deal with another great 100% free people finder website wherein if you can’t find people free on an email on their site then they refer you to Spokeo. seems to have a better database of email addresses.

Let’s deep dive into some more interesting ways to way to find out who an email address belongs to

Search for someone’s email by username

There are instances where you will find that all you have is someone’s username for your search. It is possible to search for an email address using only this piece of information. You can go to specifically the search by username section and run a search there.

Note that the search will not necessarily give you an email address but will produce a name behind that username. Then what you can do is simply run that name on the same website and you will possibly get more information, which typically contains an email address of that person.

In the example above, we had the username ‘Styleicon’ and needed to find the email address associated with it. So we ran the search on PeekYou and we got the name as shown. Of course it’s not easy to tell if this is 100% accurate.

What we would normally do is run the same find a person by username search on several people search engine websites to see if it gives us the same name.

So supposing it’s the right person above, we took that name and then did a search for more information about that person.

Note that there is an offer to pay but you don’t have to, just scroll down and you will see some possible emails.

Find an email address by phone number

Okay now let us discuss how to find someone’s email address by phone number. In this example I will recommend using Spytox’s email search feature.

When you get to the site simply choose the “phone” tab and you will be able to enter the cell number you have at hand.

Other ways to find an email with free results Options

By domain

There are several ways you can do a free email address search. Some of the ideas include searching for an email by domain. For this specific search you can try our

By IP address

For those tech savvy people, it’s possible to have on your hand an IP address of the person you are trying to track or find. There’s an interesting discussion about this on Quora, you should check out.

Find email address for free on Facebook

Most people are very comfortable with sharing their email address of Facebook. Well truth is, Facebook has a way of getting us all to share as much info about ourselves as possible.

So I went ahead and searched for our example person used earlier and found her.

Then I went ahead and looked through her profile to find contact information. Of course we won’t continue with showing more information about this example to protect their privacy but I hope you do get a clue of how to find someone’s email address and go about finding a totally free email lookup with free results

Find an email address on

So you can also take that person’s name and search for their profile on linked.

Of course you will need to be connected to access more information about the person on Linkedin. Some do make their email addresses private and some don’t – so there is no guarantee you will be able to find the email address even after you have connected.

Alternatively you can message the person using the message feature on the site and hopefully they will be in touch with you.

You can do this by searching for an email by other social networks profiles. You can do this on dating sites, twitter and even on Gmail and whitepages. You can use Google to find email addresses by company, business and even date of birth.

These are the types of email searches that you can find on the internet; So whether it’s an email address that you want to look up or you are want to know  how to find someone’s email address online, these are ways to achieve that.

Take advantage of these free searches and find the true information you are looking for on the email. It only requires time to achieve this. Also click this link to learn how to find someone free of charge.


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