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How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

In this article, we will provide information on how to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat. This is one of many guide in this series on how to find someone’s birthday

Did you ever forget your friend’s birthday? Ever wanted to surprise them with a secret birthday party or just wish them well on their special day? If so, the first thing you’ll need to know is their date of birth. An easy yet free of cost method of doing so is using social media platforms like snapchat to dig up information about someone’s birthday. Lets take a look at Snap Chat as a free people finder.

howding cell phone showing snapchat app alert

Although you can use any social networking website to do a free birthday lookup and make wishes, Snapchat is a platform that lets you make your birthday wishes exciting and more personalized for your friends. It a great start to find friends, family members, acquaintances, and their birthdays. 

The three ways to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat are;

  1. Search your friend’s list for the cake emoji
  2. Check the Snapchat profile for their Zodiac sign
  3. Lookout for your friend’s stories for a hint

Let us consider these in more detail below. 

Search Your Friends List

One of the easiest ways to find out someone’s birthday on Snapchat is to search your friends list. Go for this if you want to keep things secret when searching for the  friend’s date of birth. You may not want to let them in your search because you haven’t talked to this friend in a while and wish to give them a surprise birthday wish along with a couple of friends at a party.

After opening your friends list, keep scrolling down, looking for names of friends with a cake emoji next to their name to find out who has birthdays coming up. The cake emoji is a special lens that Snapchat applies on user profiles to let their friends know it’s time to light the candles.

Alternatively, you can type your friends’ names and see whose birthday you want to find out. This is a roundabout way on how to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat since it requires you to search manually for upcoming birthdays in your friends list. But, hey at least you’re showing them you care.

Remember, the cake emoji lens appears for a total of 24 hours. You can only tell when it’s a friend’s birthday when it is actually their birthday because this emoji appears in front of their name for a total of 24 hours on their birthday. So if you are that committed, you may want to keep checking everyday just incase today is their birthday. 

Check the Snapchat profiles

snapchat zodiacs

You can also get a fair idea about someone’s birthday by looking into their Snapchat profile. Find their zodiac sign – the small purple box emoji with a symbol inside – listed on the information panel. 

In case you aren’t that familiar with zodiac signs, you can check out which dates a particular zodiac sign corresponds to, by following this link.

Search Your Friend’s Stories

Pay attention to your friends’ stories as they are also important in your search for birthdays. In case you two have mutual friends, you can go through your friends’ stories to see if anyone has posted birthday wishes. You may have to go the extra mile with this one, as you’ll need to check out your friends’ stories daily if you want to keep track of your friends’ birthdays.

One of the constraints that you encounter while using Snapchat is that unlike Facebook, Snapchat does not issue birthday notifications. To find someone’s birthday you will have to rely on some of the indicators discussed above.

You can also find out friends’ birthdays by peering into Charm listings, where you will find your friends’ birthstone, telling you their birth month. Finally, if you snapchat with that friend daily, you’ll know when it’s their birthday when they snap you. The snap they send will be wrapped in gift wrap, indicating that your friend is celebrating their birthday.

Snapchat is not only good for getting streaks, but it’s a nice social media search platform to meet up with friends and surprise them with birthday wishes or plan out secret birthday meetups. 

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