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How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Take a few minutes and read this article to find out how to find someone’s birthday on Instagram. THis is part of a series on how to find someone’s birthday online. 

Almost everyone knows about Instagram. It’s the social media platform that’s all the rage – you can share posts, create 24-hour long stories, connect with celebrities and with your followers, tag them in posts that may be interesting to them, and a whole lot more.

login to instagram via mobile

But what if you want to send happy birthday wishes to your friends? You want to keep it a surprise at times too. It’s natural to forget these dates and awkward to ask them about it. You will a service that lets you find people free.

That’s where Instagram comes in. An easy way to find out someone’s birthday using a few indicators. You should know that Instagram usually doesn’t notify you about friends’ upcoming birthdays. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can use Instagram to find out birthdays. 

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Here is what you have to do;

  1. Check shared posts
  2. Search tagged posts
  3. Lookup their stories

1. Check Shared Posts

Many Instagrammers share posts and tag friends on birthdays. That’s the first place to look if you want to know about a friend’s birthday – just to go to their profile page and review previous posts. The dates of these posts will lead to an indication about whether the birthday is near or has already gone by.

If you see the captions mentioning birthday, cake day or any other dead giveaways, you’ll know if their birthday went by.

In case both of you have mutual friends, you can explore your mutual friends’ posts to look for more birthday posts.

2. Search Tagged Posts

On Instagram, every day is a special occasion, even more so on birthdays. People tag their friends in posts to show who they’re celebrating it with. Therefore, it’s also possible for you to find out someone’s birthday by looking up tagged photos on Instagram.

To see the tagged posts, tap the far-right tab below the user’s name and scroll down the list. Next, select the ‘Tagged Photos’ section and search for the tagged posts to find the birthdate. You can direct message them to ask about their birthday, too.

This is very effective when this person’s friends are active and regular users and that you also follow them on Instagram.

3. Look Up Their Instagram Stories

Active Instagram users post stories related to important events, like attending concerts or celebrating their birthday. Instagram stories hold the final clue to the dates when active Instagram users celebrate their birthdays. They may even save story highlights of their big day. 

While using Instagram for your search, you should always bear in mind that whether you check out the shared posts, tagged posts or Instagram stories to find someone’s date of birth, your search will be limited to people you follow on Instagram or vice versa. That’s because many unknown accounts are private and do not allow others to look into their profiles and posts. 

In addition to that, the results of your search may not be accurate as many people do not enter their correct birthdays in their personal profiles. So if this guide on how to find someone’s birthday on Instagram has not been that useful then do take some time to visit other sites like Facebook, Linkedin & Snapchat to try and find the details from there. However, in our opinion, Instagram is one of the better options available for online birthday searches, especially due to the direct message facility that you can use to contact people directly. 

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